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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April fools: Change the name

April fools day is really a day about fooling others, not being a fool yourself. We need an April "I'm a fool day" just so people like me don't feel left out. I find April Fool's day to be a really mean spirited day that I could do without. Publishing clearing house came to my house last year on April Fools and left me a giant bill. Two years ago I ordered a mail order bride from Sweden and of course they send me a male order bride from Estonia. There I go being a fool again making things up to amuse you, or at least trying cause hey I am a fool.

My Dad was the master of April Fools. He would plant fake spiders all over the house to creep people out, move my car so that it looked like it was being stolen, and drop me from his health insurance plan. Just kidding he never stole my car. As you can see Aprils fools day is a pranksters paradise. Another day that former high school bullies can reign supreme and give certain unfortunate members of the workforce atomic wedgies with the protection of a tricksters holiday behind them. Besides its all in good fun. How many opening statements at trials have started with that sentence? Anyways until they truly have a day set aside just for fools themselves I am protesting. The current april fools day should be changed to immature dick day.


myk said...

I think the worse part of April Fools Day is when people dive into the urban myth vault and tell you about the April Fools way back when the guy with the hook stomped on the bag of shit that was on fire while he waited for the cat to finish cooking in the microwave for the mayors dinner party. It of course was witnessed by a close personal friend that has since moved to Latvia to become a male order bride named Larry

I could use an I am a fool day! I put in a lot of time working on my cronic-moronocity!

Good boggin' dude!

Brenda Starr said...

Being that I'm born on April Fool's Day---I'd much rather keep it that, than switch to Immature Dick Day.