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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Office Pranks Shock Flashlight and Rubber Band Humor

Dear employee,         
            Just when you thought it was safe to sit down at your desk and read your emails, the office prankster strikes again. You've seen the prankster in the parking lot, loitering at your vehicle with evil intentions. You've witnessed the prankster spend far too much time at the water cooler, watching everyone. You've been victim of the "Shocking Flashlight Prank" and fallen head over heels in laughter because you thought a prank would never happen to you. If this sounds like you, definitely check out these office humor pranks. When coworkers think it's just an ordinary flashlight and not a pulsating electrical stick discharging not quite so happy thoughts, it's hilarious.

If you enjoy rubber band shooting, and enjoy causing disruption from your daily work routine, watch this video on YouTube about the proper way to fire a rubber band accurately and far with little or extreme side effects. There are physics and schematics involved in the science of firing a rubberband, but we will just leave the equations to the professionals and enjoy the plethora of items you can hit at the office when you have some free time to horse around. The office humor is just a trigger pull away.

- Dave

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Old School Computer TShirt

Remember before laptops and the iPad when life was simple? When computers at the most were DOS and not many people used them? At Soge Shirts we remember and that is why we created the Old School Computer t-shirt a design we have had since Nov 2008.

The Old School Computer funny geek graphic tshirt features a pencil that has two options. Just like a computer you can either print something or delete something. The pencil tip prints and the eraser deletes. It was so simple and yet so easy. We need to start putting pencils in time capsules now, so in twenty years we can prove to our kids that they really did exist. Schools of the future will be using Macbook Pro's and all those trips to the pencil sharpener for that awesome one minute break will go by the wayside.

One huge advantage of the old school computer was if your pencil didn't work you could sharpen it. If no sharpener was available there was always snapping it in two and pulling a new pencil out of your desk. It doesn't quite work for those new fangled computers dangnabbit. Snapping a real computer in two isn't advisable unless you are in the Office Space movie or are Bill Gates. Smashing a computer makes you an angry nerd while wearing a hilarious nerd tshirt makes you an awesome nerd and by nerd I mean cool just. like how bad means good.

So who needs this humor technology t-shirt? You do of course if you were born in the 80's or earlier. Some people don't believe that dinosaurs exist. With this shirt we can prove that pencils existed and give mad props to the graphite geniuses who came before Kindle and the Ebook. The Old School Computer design makes a great funny tshirt for men and women.

Another reason to get this shirt is maybe you hate technology with a passion. Hopefully with less hate than the Unabomber cause that was way too far. Maybe you hate pens. I mean come on pens get ink all over your hands and they don't have the power of the comforting eraser. Using pens is like drafting an email and not having the ability to edit the email. Whatever you write is out there.

So support the one the only the original: the pencil. The pencil is like the King or the Beatles while the computer is Linkin Park, Eminem or Britney. Hopefully the pencil will be remembered forever. It will with this design. That is for sure :)


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mark Zuckerberg remakes the constitution

Mark Zuckerberg: Eww this constitution is so Eww it really needs to have some changes made.

Thomas Jefferson: Changes? What changes pray tell should we make to the constitution it's nearly a document of perfection and my life's work?

Mark Zuckerberg: Omg have you seen me fiddle with Facebook. Every document even the Constitution, should be fiddled with every three months, even if the changes make the document worse.

Ben Franklin: What do you suggest Mark?

Mark Zuckerberg: First we got to get rid of this We the people crap. We need more room for pictures at the top and status updates. I just changed my status on the top of the constitution to Mark Zuckerberg is fixing up the constitution. Needs lot of work... LOL

Thomas Jefferson: Why do we need pictures at the top of the constitution?

Mark Zuckerberg: Don't you want to see what Johnny A and Georgie W are up to? I bet they are taking some awesome drunken pics with John Handcock.

Ben Franklin: It's Hancock.

Mark Zuckerberg: Whatevs. Just changed my status update to Ben Franklin is Bifocalsexual. LOL. Oh by the way Thomas Jefferson you just got a constitution relationship request from Sally.

Thomas Jefferson: I know no such Sally. Please deny her formal request for indicating we are in a relationship.

Mark Zuckerberg: Too late. Already accepted it. She already posted on the preamble part that you are the baby's daddy. Oh man my version of the constitution is much more entertaining.

Ben Franklin: This is an abomination. What business is it of ours to know of Jefferson's trysts and non political escapades?

Mark Zuckerberg: Apparently everyone's. James Madison just wrote like, and now Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr are arguing over just how big of a scuzzbucket you are Jefferson. This is getting so good.

Thomas Jefferson: Look at the malice and mayhem you are causing with all these changes to the constitution. This needs to stop.

Mark Zuckerberg: I agree I just changed the constitution again to add locations to check in. Paul Revere checked in at the Boston horse shop and the British just got hold of it and stopped him from riding to Lexington.

Ben Franklin: You fool you just got Hancock and Samuel Adams arrested by the King.

Mark Zuckerberg: Oh well one less beer off the market, I'm so sad LOL. Now I'm off to change the status of the Gettysburg address. Later Failing fathers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Skull Roses Lock and peace sign design

Sometimes we need to celebrate the beauty of life. This Hand Sketched Drawing Turned into Beautiful Graphics For Girls Clothing design titled Skull, Roses, Lock and Peace Sign does just that. One thing that symbolizes beauty and love is a red rose. In addition to beauty and love, a red rose also symbolizes courage and respect. I think the Skull in this skull clothing design really pairs together well with red rose as the skull symbolizes our mortality and when you put them together it sends the message of a respect for the beauty and shortness of life. The peace sign in the design while obviously sending the message of peace also while paired with the skull/rose to me represents that life is short and peace needs to be practiced so that love can bloom on Earth instead of wasting time on hate. The lock in this rose artwork design to me represents that you have to unlock your heart to open it up to peace and love.

This design is truly special as it is a hand drawn piece of artwork by President of Soge Shirts David Cree. He originally just started drawing so this design is pure creativity at its finest and was never even intended to become a Soge shirts ladies graphic tshirt design. Since this design was hand drawn you can see all the pencil work and the meticulous detail David did in drawing the bed of roses. Little details like one of the roses being shaped like a heart make one intrigued if there is a deeper story behind the design. The pretty skull in the design if you look at it closely has a bit of a grin on its face and a little heart on its chin. To me this represents that the skull was lucky enough in life to have experienced love, passion, and peace all while unlocking the beauty of life.

Another cool aspect of this design is that since the artwork is hand drawn it looks like it could be a soulful tattoo of some sort. Instead though of enduring the pain and the price of visiting the local tattoo parlor you can rock this soulful pretty rose design on a tshirt. Besides the beauty of the shirt I also think it is kind of has an edgy and rocker feel to it. In fact even though this shirt is intended for women I am a bit jealous of how cool it looks. Just saying.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't mess with the Bieber

Don't let the mop top fool you. Justin Bieber is a bad ass. He let it be known the other day as he decided to slap a twelve year old who was calling him derogatory names. Nothing says street cred like backhanding a twelve year old. 12 year olds play in little league while Justin Bieber is the big leagues. There is a reason that Ludacris joins forces with Justin Bieber. It's not cause he respects JB it's because he fears JB.

Bieber once performed the Canadian version of Ludacris's hit single "Move bitch get out the way" and changed the words to "Excuse me miss would you please step aside, please step aside." The new version started a rap riot which ended with Ludacris getting a shiner from the Beebs following a mic slap. During the riot Bieber danced/ assaulted ten Canadian mounted police. The horses were unharmed however as JB rode away on one yelling "fuck you Dudley do right motha fuckas."

Bieber is not the innocent heartthrob the media portrays him to be. In grade school instead of playing kick ball, he kicked kids in the balls. Instead of hop scotch, he played drink scotch. Instead of playing house he played get in the kitchen and make me a sammich. Bieber also has a thing for older women disappointing many of his teenage fans. He is a regular on the Desperate Housewives set and can be often be seen buying condoms in bulk at the local costco. He is also applying to become a UFC fighter but the UFC may rule to ban him due to his vicious sharp nail attack. I'm calling my shot right now that Bieber may be this generation's Clint Eastwood.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free tshirt scavenger hunt

Welcome to the Soge Shirts scavenger hunt! We're going to give away three prizes and the contest ends Friday Oct. 1st.

1. First and second place get to pick a t-shirt of their choice from Sorry no sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts just t shirts.

2. Third place gets their choice of a Bananas gone wild shirt, Where rainbows come from shirt, or an OMG crack yay shirt. Winners will be picked from

There are many ways to gain multiple entries including participating in our scavenger hunt. You can even get an entry by getting us to check out your favorite blog or website and commenting. Here are the ways to enter.

1. Share our Facebook fan page with just five of your friends minimum. So easy. (2 entries)

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4. Go to and tell us what shirt is your favorite. Post it on our facebook fan page (2 entries)

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Scavenger hunt entries! Now some fun ways to enter

1. Find a blog post about Soge Shirts that is not from or and send us the link at (hint: google is your friend) 1 entry

2. Why do vampires always get the girl and zombies never do? Find the answer on Hint the blog post is from 2008 so find the blog archive located down a bit on the right side bar. You can copy and paste the whole blog post with the answer to us at 1 entry

3. Do you have a zazzle account? If not you can register at within a minute or so and comment on one of our funny t shirt designs at (1 entry for one comment, two entries for two comments)

4. What physical place did the idea for Soge Shirts start at? (hint it's on our website somewhere.) 1 entry

Remember for every entry that you participate in to let us know by commenting on this blog post so we can keep track! Good luck and have fun.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Basic human needs: Unlimited Power

I'm a simple man. I don't need a lot of things to make me happy. Most of the time warm delicious food and a roof over my head is all I need. Every now and then some alcoholic beverages do the trick as well. However sometimes my ego gets the best of me and wants more, a lot more! Unlimited Power. The Power to do as I please when I want, where I want, and with who I want. No bosses to answer to, no bills to worry about, and a stress free life. In the old days two kids, a dog, and a picket fence were the American dream. Not good enough I say. Get greedy and go after Unlimited Power. Even if you fall short and you get limited power you are going to be feeling pretty good. It's time to rise up and not be happy with the status quo with this funny text t-shirt below called "I Just Want Unlimited Power."

Who needs this shirt? People fed up with current events, the economy, heatwaves, the Jonas Brothers (or at least two out of three)etc. Also if you have a sense of humor you are going to love this funny joke t shirt as laughing really is the best medicine (next to NyQuil of course.) This shirt is going to be an attention grabber and people will stop to read it. Just make sure not to wear it during the Tour De France or a cyclist may stop to read your shirt and cause a crash.

What's not to like about this shirt? Nothing. It has all the necessities of life all in one shirt. You have food, shelter, and unlimited power. It's like the Swiss army knife of shirts. Your Soge army knife of shirts starts for as low as $11.99 so come on down and get your Unlimited Power t-shirt today. Once you have this shirt all those goals you have set forth will be as easy as pie. You'll just look down at your shirt and start attacking the goals like ninjas on steroids. Now if you are unable to get Unlimited Power which you shouldn't at least you will see that you have warm food and a roof over your head. So this hilarious witty tee shirt is both inspiring and makes you humble. Double win.