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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Office Pranks Shock Flashlight and Rubber Band Humor

Dear employee,         
            Just when you thought it was safe to sit down at your desk and read your emails, the office prankster strikes again. You've seen the prankster in the parking lot, loitering at your vehicle with evil intentions. You've witnessed the prankster spend far too much time at the water cooler, watching everyone. You've been victim of the "Shocking Flashlight Prank" and fallen head over heels in laughter because you thought a prank would never happen to you. If this sounds like you, definitely check out these office humor pranks. When coworkers think it's just an ordinary flashlight and not a pulsating electrical stick discharging not quite so happy thoughts, it's hilarious.

If you enjoy rubber band shooting, and enjoy causing disruption from your daily work routine, watch this video on YouTube about the proper way to fire a rubber band accurately and far with little or extreme side effects. There are physics and schematics involved in the science of firing a rubberband, but we will just leave the equations to the professionals and enjoy the plethora of items you can hit at the office when you have some free time to horse around. The office humor is just a trigger pull away.

- Dave

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