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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

High Quality Cheap Tshirts For A Low Quality Economy

These days nothing seems to come cheap even in a bad economy.
Funny t-shirts especially just seem to be severely overpriced.
You can find some

Caution White Boy Dancing funny cheap tshirts
Funny Cheap tshirts
under 15 bucks it is extremely rare.

Many moons ago people associated price with quality.
When you thought of a cheap tshirt, it usually meant that the t-shirt lacked style, was made of poor quality, or it was on sale for some strange reason.

High priced equals quality in the minds of many people. There are however, many high priced pieces of clothing that are marked higher, to give it a psychologically distorted value. This is accomplished by the idea "You get what you pay for." Assuming a greater price the quality will be greater. It’s time to change that assumption. Shirts that are low in price can be extremely high in quality. At Soge Shirts we strive to provide shirts of a low cost value, without sacrificing quality. The special little touches that our artists put into their tshirt designs, gives the t-shirt a better look, feel, and value. For the work involved we price our shirts as low as possible so our customers can enjoy great clothing. Who couldn't use some cool threads to shock some loud neighbors, or crack a joke during happy hour? Our cheap funny tshirts are crafted to put a smile on the faces of men, women, and children alike.

We proudly offer Cheap funny tees starting at $11.99 and many of our cute boys and girls t-shirts are $11.99 dollars as well. This means you get very cool clothing for your whole family at low prices. For example you can get cute shirts for kids like our

supaw pawers tees for boys and girls
Supaw Pawers Tees for boys and girls
starting at $11.99.

If you think your kid has a sense of humor, try our funny tees for kids.


Our hot tees for women hot tees for women soge shirts

retails as low as $17.99, much less than then industry average. Besides being a great fit, these tees for women are cute, hot, and sexy. Why pay $40 dollars on women's tee shirts at a department store when you can get a sassy t-shirt of department store quality online for $17.99? In today's economy, purchasing a high valued product at a price you can afford is a must.