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Monday, November 30, 2009

We need your vote, cause Once Again, We love our fans more and more

One of our awesome fans has somehow liked our tee shirt designs, and given us a great chance to earn some props! We're up for best top 10 designs of 2009 from a zazzle shop. Where Rainbows Come From, I'm not sure where they're created but I've got a gaseous feeling it's somewhere special. Like from a Unicorn!

HELP us out by casting your vote for the Top 10 Funniest Zazzle Designs of 2009, that's a big year.

Much Luv,

Soge Shirts

VOTE HERE Top 10 Funniest Zazzle Designs of 2009

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rob from T-Shirt Strategy interviews David Cree from Soge shirts

Hey everyone Tim from Soge shirts here. Exciting news our friend Rob from the ladies clothing line Lady Umbrella interviewed my partner in crime David Cree about the Funny Tees he designs, our philosophy on pricing, plans for the future and more. If you think this is going to be a boring interview think again. Here is a short snippet in which David discusses how he came up with the idea for the "Every time you Eat meat a hippie drops a happy sack shirt"

Rob - Every time you eat meat a hippie drops a hacky sack - I laughed when I saw this. You happen to be at a bbq and witness said event or are you the hapless hacky sack hippie?

David - I used to live out of my car for a few months, and carried multiple hacky sacks around to all the people's places I crashed at. Met many different people, and a few were hippies. Great, wonderful, amazing people, not because they associated with the hippie group, but of who they are. We talked long and hard about the circle of life, and how you have to keep the hacky sack going to everyone to complete the circle. When it dropped we joked about people dying, or trees falling every time someone drops the hacky sack.

Catch the rest of the interview over at T-Shirt Strategy: Soge Shirts Interview

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Facebook suggestions quiz

Facebook has always been known as a bit intrusive. You can find people's emails, phone numbers, scantily clad pictures, or even status updates that bash the boss of the company. Lately Facebook has decided to take creepy to new heights with their personal suggestions urging me to make facebook better for one of my facebook friends by either sending them a message or writing on their wall. Here is a fun little quiz with some possible facebook suggestions. The correct answer worth 4 points is the creepiest or most messed up answer with the second creepiest/messed up answer being three points.

1. Facebook Suggestion: Your facebook friend Kevin has just been laid off by his job. Please make Kevin feel better by...

A. Writing him a nice uplifting message
B. Giving him some Farmville land to help him back on his feet
C. Write on his wall that he should "enjoy the food stamps"
D. Threaten him that he better return your superpokes cause bro you
have free time.

2. Facebook suggestion: Your facebook friend Tina just got engaged after two weeks of dating. Congratulate her by ....

A. Register for her wedding by giving her a Lil Green Patch cactus plant
B. Calling her on her facebook posted phone number to congratulate her
C. Congratulate her on the obvious pregnancy via her wall which causes
her mom to delete her as a facebook friend.
D. Create a facebook group planning her bachelorette party

3. Facebook suggestion: Your significant other Charlie (male or female) just posted a status message stating that "I should have looked what was in my burrito." Help him/her by...

A. Create the fan page bathroom follies and post their picture
B. Send them a Pepto Bismol using virtual pharmacy
C. Send them a link for baby wipes
D. Change your relationship status to single

4. Facebook suggestion: Lacey is bored and wants something to do. Tell her something to do...

A. Waste hours trying to have a conversation on facebook chat
B. Facebook please stop trying to control me. You are a social media network and I find it really creepy that you know who on my friends list that I have or haven't interacted with much. I may have to file a restraining order using the fuck off and die application.
C. Tell her to go watch some shitty vampire show on tv
D. Recruit her to your mafia in mafia wars.

Now for the answers listed in the order of most creepy. 4 points for creepiest 1 for least etc.

1. D,C,B,A
2. C,B,D,A
3. A,D,C,B
4. B,A,C,D

If you scored 13-16 points Congrats you are creepy enough to work for Facebook
9-12 points I bet you wear capes and bow ties
5-8 points Someday you'll earn your trenchcoat and binoculars
1-4 points Aww you are too nice and often boring