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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fresh Broccoli is just as Nasty as Frozen Broccoli Tee Shirts

Fresh Broccoli is just as Nasty as Frozen Broccoli Tee Shirt

Vegetables, much like a natural cotton silly tshirt, is better organic and fresh. In my estimation, the previous statement is 100% true with the
exception of broccoli. Dump enough butter or ranch to clog your arteries and broccoli will still taste nasty, whether it is fresh or frozen. I don't know what is is about broccoli that gives it that crisp, sour, cardboard taste, but I believe the green afro it hoists on top of its stem has something to do with it. Never eating anything with a green afro, is a lesson I learned from cannibals in the Peruvian jungle. Maybe it's irony that broccoli tastes so bad, yet is so nutritious, you need to eat it. C'mon science, make broccoli taste like pizza. Or at least make broccoli give me super powers so i can dawn a funny graphic tee, and fight crime in my jeans.

There are so many places you can wear this cheap funny t-shirt.
Broccoli is Nasty Funny Graphic T-shirt
1. Wear it at a whole foods market to confuse people. You are shopping
at a healthy organic market, or vegetable covered street corner poker table,
and you're wearing a graphic tee shirt with
Fresh Broccoli is Just as Nasty as Frozen Broccoli.
You might get kicked out or vegan's might scream at you for spreading rumors about their favorite dessert.
Reply with "If it tasted like chicken instead of a small bonsai tree, it'd eat it"
But you've got a funny graphic tee, that warns flavor lovers of an impending disaster.

2. Wear it at football and baseball games. In an environment
where fried food, hot dogs, and beer reign supreme,
you wont find broccoli concession stands.
America pastimes don't include eating bushy little green microphones of yuck.

3. I don't need to come up with a third place since the hilarious tee
is just that good.
No Sex Rx Drugs and Rock n Roll out of Bed Tees

Back in the sixties/seventies it was all about sex drugs and rock n roll. Since then we've all gotten a little older and a little wiser and a new era has dawned of No sex, Rx Drugs, Rock and Roll Out of Bed Tees, has taken over the youth. Now don't get depressed ask for more meds, the good news is there is more partying to be done.

Take a big step in your life and get this hilarious bad offensive t-shirt and let others know that you have a kick ass and take names, sense of humor. (or a kick names and take ass kind of humor, .. however the saying goes.)
Fun Bad Offensive T Shirts

Try to party the greatest way possible ... responsibly. Responsibly partying isn't waking up next day 150 miles southwest of your job, 1 hour before work starts probably wont get you on your boss's "due for a raise" list.
This type of partying usually involves presents, 100% juice and a blended variety of pinata hitting, and pin the tail on the donkey.

Spend time with your kids. Teach them the responsible ways to party, before it's too late. You would hate to tell them about your past and how you blacked out.. not wearing your crazy hilarious tshirt, or pants, in the middle of a football stadium parking lot. Remember, teach your children that abstaining from sex, using prescription drugs, and forcing yourself to get up in the morning may not make you the life of the party, but it will lead to more productivity which is a good and responsible thing. Plus you'll be able to amaze stranger with stories of your party days. Don't worry now that you are non Rx drug free, you'll be able to remember them.