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Friday, February 29, 2008

Lazy Friday

Do you ever have the days where you just feel like doing nothing? You feel like one of those big old lazy manatees that is content beached on a tropical island. The motivation to strive and do better just isn't there for that particular day even though you know tomorrow is going to be different and you'll be psyched. I feel like I need to be slapped in the face today by maybe some lady with long fingernails so i can get that extra jolt on the follow through. How does Tony Robbins do it? The dude is a half Frankenstein half cyborg filled with pure positivity. Bad day is not in his vocabulary. He would of kicked James Blunt's ass for that song and I would have given him a high five for it. He would have called that song so you had a day that was a bit less good than others but still good. I love people that can spin language like that and make anything negative sound somewhat positive. Lol Tony Robbins kicking James Blunt's ass makes me smile maybe I will get some stuff done.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Salem witches: Why they got burned

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be alive during the puritan era of the 1600's? No? In this blog I want to give some of my theories as to why so many woman were labeled as witches and burned at the stake. Maybe they really were witches and weren't sharing the eye of newt with the rest of the village, but it seems unlikely. I think women were called witches in the 1600's if they had brooms but didn't clean. "Abby, please go clean the attic before the rodents appear." "No father I refuse." "She's a witch burn her!" Poor Abby she was probably going to clean later but she had church to go to at the time. If you refused to do the butter churn, you would have to instantly burn.

Also it was very convenient to label women as witches if you were a gameless guy and couldn't get a date with the girl that you liked. "Hey I think we should make out" "No thanks i'm not interested" "She's diddled Lucifer for fortnights, burn her!" Very mature guys. I bet they had giant bonfire parties for the girls, oh i mean witches, that didn't put out. What a great society that had to be. Salem either handed out burnings at the stakes like coupons for arbys or smallpox for those lucky indians.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Young female celebrities

In today's blog i want to address the effect the media has on young female celebrities such as Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Olsen twins etc. I want to preface this blog with an important note. The responsibility and actions taken by young female celebrities are mostly their own fault for any consequences that occur. That being said their are numerous factors that play into their bad decisions.
First of all the paparazzi are paid stalkers that get paid to dig up and try to catch these girls in the most compromising of positions. Just leave them alone when they are trying to use the restroom or are having a private family moment.

Secondly I swear that the day these girls turn 18 their publicists immediately get working on getting rid of that innocent image. Being responsible and grounded doesn't get media coverage or magazine covers and its boring. Instead publicists help convert their clients from wholesome to whoresome.These young ladies go from hello kitty to hello pussy, bobbing for apples to bobbing for aholes, spelling tests to pregnancy test,and from using ez bake ovens to being baked and easy. Its sad how much we know about these celebrities when it really shouldn't be any of our business. I would write more but I got to pick up an us weekly and go watch extra.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sogeshirts in Vegas

Last week David Cree, the President of Sogeshirts and Son of Grace Enterprises went to Las Vegas and decided to rock some Sogeshirts. He wore the money can buy happiness shirt and it caught some buzz on the street. You can see the shirt here

Apparently a rapper thought it was cool and so did some other partiers on the Vegas scene. These shirts get reactions out of people and if your a shy person prepare to have people start talking to you when you wear one!

He also rolled out to the bars with the Hi my name is ..... buy me a drink! shirt and that even got him a couple free jager bombs. If you are fun and wear the shirt confidently you can even get free drinks even if you are a guy! Ladies you will probably have too many free drinks thrown your way so make sure you aren't driving if you are wearing the shirt. Just copy and paste the link below to see the buy me a drink shirt.

As you can see Vegas loves Sogeshirts and I bet for every visit there the hype will spread. Sogeshirts You'll get noticed!

Sogeshirts: The Beginning

Sogeshirts is a division of Son of Grace Enterprises founded in October 2007 by two childhood pals David Cree and Tim Fox who wanted to make some fresh, funny, and hilarious t-shirts that no one has seen before. David and I were tired of seeing the same unoriginal catch phrases pop up on all the t-shirt websites so we decided that starting our own t-shirt company that had original content would be a good idea. We want all of our shirts to have phrases and original artwork that hasn't been done. Soge stands for Shirts of Great Entertainment and that is what we strive to bring you for every shirt that we make. Check out our website at to see what we mean.