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Friday, March 20, 2009

_________ with the stars

Dancing with the stars continues to be one of the most watched and talked about shows on television. The funny thing is the celebrities on there are usually b to D list celebrities (Steve-O, Holly Madison etc) or reality star nobodies like the dumped girl from the bachelor. While the dancing that they do is quite impressive and takes a lot of skill I almost wonder if people will watch anything with the stars.

Here are some of my ideas for tv shows with the stars that could be big hits.

1. Camera breaking with the stars. In this show papparazi attempt to annoy the crap out of any A list to D list celebrity that they can. Using their phenomenal stalking powers the soulless camera men irritate and prod until they get their first celebrity to pull a Kanye West and break the camera. Celebrities will be judged on how long it took them to break the camera, camera breaking technique, whether they punched the cameraman in the eye, and degree of camera breaking difficulty (obviously a tripod is worth more.)

2. Child raising with the stars- In this show Alec Baldwin is granted full custody to the Octomoms 14 kids. He must redeem himself as a parent following his embarrassing phone call in which he yelled at his young 11 year old daughter. The role of father to 14 will be the toughest of his career but at least he will have Dr. Phil in his corner providing moral support/mountains of pampers.

3. mental institutions with the stars- Celebrity rehab is already a hit so why not go a step further and do a show about stars checking into mental institutions. The British singer whose name rhymes with Gamy Pinehouse will surely be a cast member as well as the first actor to play Batman and the last. The show will be hosted by former cast member Britney Spears who will be rocking some hip straightjackets.