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Friday, November 26, 2010

Skull Roses Lock and peace sign design

Sometimes we need to celebrate the beauty of life. This Hand Sketched Drawing Turned into Beautiful Graphics For Girls Clothing design titled Skull, Roses, Lock and Peace Sign does just that. One thing that symbolizes beauty and love is a red rose. In addition to beauty and love, a red rose also symbolizes courage and respect. I think the Skull in this skull clothing design really pairs together well with red rose as the skull symbolizes our mortality and when you put them together it sends the message of a respect for the beauty and shortness of life. The peace sign in the design while obviously sending the message of peace also while paired with the skull/rose to me represents that life is short and peace needs to be practiced so that love can bloom on Earth instead of wasting time on hate. The lock in this rose artwork design to me represents that you have to unlock your heart to open it up to peace and love.

This design is truly special as it is a hand drawn piece of artwork by President of Soge Shirts David Cree. He originally just started drawing so this design is pure creativity at its finest and was never even intended to become a Soge shirts ladies graphic tshirt design. Since this design was hand drawn you can see all the pencil work and the meticulous detail David did in drawing the bed of roses. Little details like one of the roses being shaped like a heart make one intrigued if there is a deeper story behind the design. The pretty skull in the design if you look at it closely has a bit of a grin on its face and a little heart on its chin. To me this represents that the skull was lucky enough in life to have experienced love, passion, and peace all while unlocking the beauty of life.

Another cool aspect of this design is that since the artwork is hand drawn it looks like it could be a soulful tattoo of some sort. Instead though of enduring the pain and the price of visiting the local tattoo parlor you can rock this soulful pretty rose design on a tshirt. Besides the beauty of the shirt I also think it is kind of has an edgy and rocker feel to it. In fact even though this shirt is intended for women I am a bit jealous of how cool it looks. Just saying.

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