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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sign Twirling

I find sign twirling as advertising to be very amusing. First of all when they hire the kid to twirl the sign upside down and spin it i can't see what company they are trying to promote. Maybe try a gentle sway or a light dip so i can see the barber shop I've been missing out on. The second thing about sign twirling is that everyone is doing it. In Rancho Bernardo a few months ago there were so many sign twirlers on every corner I was worried that they were going to form gangs. East sign versus West sign. That is a scary proposition. Another thought I just had was do people who sign twirl put sign twirler or sign holder on their resumes? I'm guessing not. Probably they put vice president of urban marketing or something like that.

One way to curb unemployment in this country is to use the homeless as sign twirlers. Homeless people are often holding up signs like will work for food, or veteran, or Why lie? I need a beer. ( I really saw this sign last week) All they need to do is shake the sign a bit more and show some more enthusiasm and they will get what they want from their old sign.

For those readers of mine that are into good music I recommend the rock band trouble in the wind. Take a listen at some of the songs from their myspace page and let me know what you think. Also make sure to enter our blog review contest


john b said...

"Why lie? I need a beer" - Honesty is the best policy...:)


Okay I was laughing hysterically at the sign twirler gangs. So glad you posted-I needed a good laugh. Will check out the band.

Bridget Ayers said...

I worked with some of those sign twirlers and you ain't kidding about the competition between the sign crews. Don't get yourself in the way of that. :D

Just be careful next time you think about making fun of those guys/gals those signs have sharp edges and those kids no how to wing them.

Great post Tim!

ssgreylord said...

"vice president of urban marketing" - way too funny... it is an art, though, isn't it?