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Thursday, November 13, 2008

James Bond should be bald

With the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace coming out tomorrow I thought it would be fun to give ten reasons why his life would be so much easier as a bald man.

1. He would be faster and more aerodynamic.

2. Bond could be funnier and played by someone such as Larry David from Curb your Enthusiasm.

3. He wouldn't have to deal with having all that sex all the time thus avoiding the femme fatale that always almost kills him.

4. He could settle down with Moneypenny and have children and their kids would be kidnapped all the time. Nevermind that would suck.

5. The opening credit songs featuring the naked silhouette girls would feature some head rubbing (not the fun kind)

6. Jason Statham would fulfill his mission to ruin the movie industry for the end of time.

7. Bond would probably be a wuss and pay money on his gambling winnings leading to movie titles such as IRS Internal Revenge service.

8. I can't come up with any more good reasons Bond would be horrible as a bald man.


J. C. said...

I saw the movie already. It is very entertaining with a lot of action and violence tough. But definitely worth of time maybe because fantastic Olga OMG.

Kimmylyn said...

I did not even know there was a new movie coming out.. I mean with Madagascar and completely slipped my radar. :)

And all I can picture is Telly Savalas playing Bond.. lol

john b said...

I think Bond and Moneypenny should settle down and have kids anyway, hair and all.

David Tamayo said...

Is it me or are they taking their sweet time developing this guy into the Bond that we all know and love? At this rate, bald would at least be innovative. =0)This is David from Security for Idiots. Having trouble with the password.

Pand0ra Wilde said...

But I LIKE Jason Statham! So it'd be all the better to make him James Bond! Besides, he's a much more updated version of classy plus sexy.

Either I really think these things or haven't had enough coffee yet. I'm betting on #2 even tho I do like Jason Statham...

LceeL said...

I should play James Bond, then. I'm bald. I'm .... that would seem to be my only qualification. Because witty, sophisticated and urbane .. I ain't.


I love it and this gave me a great laugh today!!! More aerodynamic and bald head rubbing! You kill me!!

Momo Fali said...

Bald can be sexy, but it really depends on the head. If you have lumps, bumps, divots or moles, you really can't spare the hair.

ssgreylord said...

#1 and #3 are my faves. just what i needed today, tim. a good laugh and now all i'm thinking about is a bald bond. i think it could work...really.

Momisodes said...

Actually, I think I'd like the head rubbing (not the good kind) better :)

I like bald sometimes. It all depends on the head like Momo Fali said.

WorldmedTourism said...

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