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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monopoly's Mr. Moneybags falls on hard times

This week Soge Shirts got to interview Mr. Moneybags from the board game monopoly. He has fallen on hard times during this economic crisis as he is unable to sell any of his properties since no one has money to buy. We caught up with him sniffing glue at Baltic avenue.

Soge shirts: Mr. Moneybags I just saw that you were trying to sell Marvin Gardens on craigslist for 3000 dollars? Is that true?

Mr. Moneybags: Hell yes its true do you think 3000 is too high? I can go lower I'll sell it to you for twelve bucks and a dime bag.

Soge shirts: No thanks. With no income coming in how are you adjusting to your life as a common man?

Mr. Moneybags: Not very well I'll tell you what. I used to have three ways with miss scarlett from clue and Princess Frostine from candyland. Last week I hooked up with Mr. Peanut and Pop from Rice krispies.

Soge shirts: Well at least you popped a nut I hope just kidding.

Mr. Moneybags starts to cry.

Soge shirts: Sorry that was inappropriate. How are your investments in utilities and the railroads doing?

Mr. Moneybags: I sold those years ago to buy the first car to run on that corn shit. Who knew when times are tough that people would still pay for water and electricity.

Soge shirts: If the property market continues to hover or decline whats next for Mr. Moneybags?

Mr. Moneybags: I'm going to pass go 5000 times to make another million you asshole. I'll have to move in with my son or steal Wilfred Brimley's identity. We look somewhat alike.

Soge shirts: Aside from your tumbling finances do you have any regrets?

Mr. Moneybags: My ties to Halliburton really screwed me. I donated to the Bush campaign and thought that Cheney would make me billions with those sweet defense contracts but instead Cheney shot me in the back on a quail hunt.


Julie said...

Great interview sogeshirts !

Poor, poor Mr. Moneybags :)

Kimmylyn said...

Oh to be inside that mind of yours for a day..


GetSmartGal said...

Ok that was some funny, funny stuff there guy. Loved it!

john b said...

I think Mr. Moneybags should get himself a sugar momma and hook up with Miss Scarlet from Clue.

LceeL said...

Now I'm jealous. Nobody has EVER expressed a desire to be inside of MY mind for even a minute, much less a day. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure most people I know are actually repulsed by the idea. I'm just sayin'.

Momisodes said...

Hilarious! Oh man, the stuff you come up with :)

p.s. That pic is awesome.

Nurse Jen Doll said...

Lol nice satire on the economy. Two thumbs up.

-Nurse Jen Doll
Your Daily Reality Nursing

ssgreylord said...

ok, tim. you're hilarious and at it again. are you sure you weren't sniffing the same glue with mr. moneybags when you wrote this? lol.

Momo Fali said...

We're so broke, I tried to sell my husband on Craigslist.