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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We gotta kill hitler bro

In the upcoming movie Valkyrie Tom Cruise plays a German officer in the Nazi army who hatches a plot to kill Hitler. I find it kind of amusing from the previews just how non German Cruise sounds. Why not get Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman, and Kermit the frog to play the part. Then you have English German, Australian German, and Muppet Frog German. Without a trace of a German accent Cruise declares that we have got to kill Hitler. I think a guy whose character's name is Claus should at least be drinking a Beck's or listening to some David Hasselhoff techno song. Plus without subtitles or a German accent the task of killing Hitler using an American accent doesn't seem as urgent.

Claus: Bro we gotta kill Hitler. Hes such a dick.

English German: Go away I'm watching Abbot and Costello. I still have no idea who is on first.

Claus: Dude that can wait. I'll buy you a best of Abbot and Costello movie reel now lets shoot that bitch ass mustache wearer.

English German: Throw in a Chaplin movie reel.

Claus: Fine man but you got to make me my favorite German dish when we're done.

English German: Hot dogs and apple pie it is.


David Tamayo said...

Remember Kevin Costner in Robin Hood
Prince of Thieves is another one of those that reminds me of this topic...if you remember this film you know what I mean. Ouch!

Kimmylyn said...

My husband said that same exact thing.. and then I read David's comment and laughed out loud.. Kevin Costner was terrible in Robin Hood.. lol

LceeL said...

If all of ze actorz are cherman, zend no vun vood zeem to hef an ackzent!!

Eve Grey said...

Or at least he could have eaten some marzipan and washed it down with Goldschl├Ąger.


Oh no not another disaster movie from tom Cruise. I want you to make a movie then it will be done right and hysterical.

Bridget said...

"Claus should at least be drinking a Beck's or listening to some David Hasselhoff techno song" That is a great quote man!

I am going to agree with you a 100% here Tim. Why Tom when you could get someone who can at least try for an accent??

ssgreylord said...

i'm with bridget. i love the hasselhoff quote. made me laugh out loud. as for tom, well, you almost feel sorry for him...