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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sugar and Spice, Who says i have to be nice? A Naughty T-shirt for Women

Sugar and Spice, Who says i have to be nice? A Naughty T-shirt for Women

Sugar and Spice T-shirts Sexy T-shirts for women Naughty Tees for girls

Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice according to
a society of nursery rhyming hermits who wont leave the closet for fear that the sun will assassinate them. No amount of Naughty T-shirts, will save that poor soul from meeting a woman with your balance of Beauty and Vixen. We think sugar and
spice, sans the nice, can be a pretty provocative combination. You've got the "one glance in your direction just gave me a cavity," sweetness. You've got a voice that commands attention, whatever the cost. You've got it all, the walk the look, the nothing short of awesome, Aura. All you need is a Cute but sexy t-shirt with a pin up girl tattoo to add to the Greatness you posses. According to our $0.50 garage sale history book purchase, well behaved women rarely make their mark. If your a
rebel or a rocker girl tattooed from the toes to the nose, this may be the naughty shirt for you. This
is the tshirt that says to your boyfriend or husband "go make me a
sandwich and don't forget the beer." Forget being a Betty Crocker some
days you just want to be a Betty Page and be treated like the sexy
pinup goddess people die for. Rock the sugar and spice shirt on casual
Friday as a way to say this is how you do casual.

We've concocted some easier words to say than concocted, and some very sweet places to rock this charming graphic t-shirt for women. From
the boys at Soge shirts.

We currently devised two styles, for Blondes and Brunettes. (Sorry Red Heads, if you really want one, email us)

sugar and spice for brunettes. brunette pin up girlsugar and spice for blondes. blonde pin up girl

1. At a baby shower for a friend who is having a girl - Change up the
Culture of the baby shower by buying your friend's baby a sugar and
spice onsie, or a sugar and spice bib. It will be a nice
change of pace from the scones, noisy toys, and tea sets your friend is
going to unwrap. Give your girlfriend a reason to keep her youthful edge alive, and pass her sugar and spice onto her children. A baby girl in her terrible two’s, isn't so sweet anymore. Give the baby shower gift that steals the naughty trophy, but still wins the approval of the sweet hearts who wrapped diapers.

2. The DMV - The DMV is a place where Nice is number # 3,374 in line, and they're serving number 4. Wearing
the shirt there lets the Department of Motor Vehicles know that if they want to bitch
about your registration, and those 17 parking tickets, they will be dealt with accordingly. If they chose to walk down the sugary road of smiles... they might live until it's time for their own license renewal.

3. A Club a Bar or a Dance Hall - The shirt says it all. If you don't feel like being hit on
by yuppie businessman or unshaven wildebeest, (we've seen some weird people) then utilize this bad to the bone tshirt as a sweet loser
shield. You won't even have to dance in a circle with your friends
because most guys will know that you can bite sometimes.

4. Rock Concert - A pin up girl T-shirt at a Rock show. Nuff said.

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