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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Best Las Vegas T-shirt. Almost 99% Guaranteed to get you free drinks.

The Best Las Vegas T-shirt. Almost 99% Guaranteed to get you free drinks.

The lights, the glamour, the strippers, the money, the food, the money, the shows, the hookers and the beer are all things we leave behind when we leave Las Vegas. Hopefully most of you take home some money, and if you’re lucky, a stripper. The question that remains is “How to get free stuff while partying in Vegas.


My answer to you my friend is the official Las Vegas T-shirt. The Hello My Name is Buy me a drink T-shirt is the Greatest double fisting, official drink for free shirt, ever invented.

hello my name is buy me a drink tshirtsthe official las vegas funny t-shirt


Some may say this is only speculation, but proof resides in the massive amounts of hang over reports by friends and family collected by the institute of higher drinkers, that state “I didn’t have to say anything. They just handed me a drink” – Anonymous, California.

Fan Photos of fans in t-shirts


This is not your average run of the mill funny drinking tshirt. It is in fact a direct statement towards an amazing dance of conversation, and consideration, that turn strangers into friends. The shirt has a “Hello my name is” sticker, usually reserved for business meetings, book clubs, and pyramid scheme conventions. However, this is not your ordinary hello my name is sticker. This sticker provides a warm greeting of “Hello my name is” showing the receiver of this message that you are open to a hand shake or a handout, and plan to offer a greeting of your illustrious name. Once they commit to accepting this greeting, they are overwhelmed by humor as they find out what your name is. A simple request, with first, last and middle names. “Buy me a drink.” For a second, they can’t believe that this awesome sweet tee shirt actually has the sticker and buy me a drink printed on it! After a quick breath to regain consciousness and the laughter subsides, they are more inclined to get you a beer, or a shot, than they were before they saw your awesome Vegas tshirt.

60% of the time, it works every time. Except the other 90% of the time it works, it really works. You drink for free with these Drinking t-shirts. Ladies, if you have the looks to get free drinks, in Vegas, in clubs, or even at Denny’s, but you want to show how personable and funny your sugary insides are, they’re available for you, in a style all your own. Check out how cute you can look in a buy me a drink t-shirt for women.

If I was wearing my buy me a drink Las Vegas drinking t-shirt, and came across a beautiful woman such as yourself, with a  Hello my name is buy me a drink women’s t-shirt, the streets of Vegas would shake with the power of alcohol exploding as we toast to free drinks. I warn you, it is not voodoo, nor is it a revelation, prophesized over 1,000 years ago, that there will be a flood of free drinks, greater than the free drinks you get in Vegas already for gambling. No sir, this is a warning that you might wake up pants less, looking for your buy me a drink t shirt, so you can escape down the hall, pick up food from the left over neighbors room service, and get yourself a Bloody Mary, to stop your head from spinning.

This cool shirt can only provide free laughs and booze, not protection from…what’s their name.

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1 comment:

jay adams said...

lol... nice try... just bring money next time... :D