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Monday, April 20, 2009

Burger King of butts

I find the Burger kings promotion of Spongebob Squarepants using a
Sir Mix a lot parody a little disturbing. Pairing Sir Mix a lots love
of rumps with a beloved kids cartoon character might be the worst
combination since bacon mayonnaise. I can't figure out who Burger King
is trying to target in this ad. Are they going after the eight year
old boys who like butts demographic or the adults who enjoy ladies
in square pants fetish?

Sir mix a lot wins in this commercial as he shovels more money in the bank. Who knew loving big asses would make him not have to work another
day in his life. As odd and weird as Burger Kings square butts
commercial was I'll give them some credit for not doing a hello kitty
hello pussy commercial. The Burger King would not have it his way in jail
if they did that one. Pickles would definitely be included in buns of course.

Now that Burger King has come up with a really bad parody linked to
kids tv shows, I wanted to come up with some other bad parodies of
songs that could sell some nifty products.

- Flomax uses the Frankie goes to Hollywood song "Relax don't do it".
In this commercial a nervous man with his legs crossed is sitting on a
bench looking uncomfortable. The new lyrics for the song are relax just do it. Flomax will get you through it. Relax just do it when you want to go. The commercial ends with the guy running to the restroom.

-Coppertone sunscreen takes the Nirvana song "You Know you're Right"
and makes it "you know you're white" to sell sunscreen. Some of the
lyrics changes include "you never were good at basketball, you don't
know how to dance at all, the sunlight bothers you, use sunscreen
daily too. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey you know you're white you
know you're white.

- Victoria's secret takes Right Said Fred's nineties hit "I'm too sexy
for my shirt" and changes it to I'm too sexy for my skirt and shows
Victoria secret models in lingerie. Oh wait that would work actually and
be the best commercial ever.



lisleman said...

I think this is an even stranger Burger King ad

flame your way

heidi said...

Hmmm. Not seen these ads-need to take a look. Hope you are doing well!

Jeff said...

I was shocked when I first saw the commercial...and it takes a lot to do that to me. The creator of that ad just seemed to take ideas and throw them together with unfortunate results - like throwing a bucket of water onto a hot, skillet of cooking oil.

I do agree with your Victoria Secret ad and hope that becomes a reality!

@ heidi - you are not missing anything! =)

ciara said...

some of those songs should never be heard from a gain ie relax, i'm too sexy lol that king scares me. he's creepy.