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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon and Kate= ratings!

Usually I don't give two craps about pop culture maybe one and a half
at best but Jon and Kate Gosselin are driving me insane. There is no
escape from them or their innocent eight. First Jon is allegedly
cheating on Kate with a "teacher friend" at a bar and then Kate is
rumored to be spending adult time with a bodyguard. Since when do you
even time to have affairs with other people when you have eight kids?
How do you even get out of the house? I don't think the I'm going to
the market to pick up milk excuse is going to fly when you are gone
the whole night. I almost wonder if the whole affair mess is a charade
by Jon and Kate to get more ratings for their TV show. They could be
secretly be sipping wine in bubble baths together while they count
their new millions the publicity of their affairs are getting. If I'm
right here are some other Jon and Kate storylines you may see this

1. Jon decides to leave Kate to go to Iraq. He decides to take Joel
with him for some daddy fighty time but Kate reminds him that Joel
can't go on the flight since Jon didn't use a coupon to book the

2. Kate decides that one of the eight must be put up for adoption. She
lets America vote one of the eight off American Idol style. Ryan
Seacrest is brought in to console the loser.

3. Jon gets romantically linked to one of the married cast members on
The Hills. Kate declares Jon to be a professional marriage destroyer.
Ratings surge.

4. Kate appears on the next celebrity apprentice. She makes Omarosa
and Joan Rivers cry.

5. All eight kids divorce their parents and get the rights to all the
money their parents have made off of them.

Tim from Soge Shirts

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New t-shirts for May

Rainbows come from a magical place, not science and everyone knows
that. Since rainbows are magical it only makes sense that they come
from a magical mythical creature such as the unicorn. Despite the
unicorns beauty and magical qualities a unicorn can not create a
rainbow out of nothing. It releases the rainbow out of a bodily
function known to them as passing beauty and known to us as passing
gas or farting. Everyone has bodily functions, just unicorns are
better at producing 7 different beautiful colors out of their toots.

Our next shirt is genuis/genius.

Yes they are two different shirts. By wearing one you are saying to the
world I am a brilliant mind and am proud enough to tell everyone about
it. I like sudoku, crossword puzzles, and enjoy mensa meeting
biweekly. By wearing the other shirt you are saying I like to wear
funny and ironic t-shirts and intelligent people will get the joke.
I'll let you decide which shirt is which since I assume everyone
reading out there are geniuses.

Our last great graphic t-shirt is available at
Welcome to fantasy Island! This shirt beats the pants off the tv show get it? The dancing red on the shirt indicates a playful nature of things to come. Any
fantasy that you can imagine that is rated pg 13 in nature can be
achieved as a result of buying this t-shirt. We can't be responsible
for all you moms leaving your hubbys for Brad Pitt or George Clooney.
The other great benefit to the shirt is you are automatically much
more friendly than a walmart greeter. They can only welcome people to
walmart while you welcome them to an island of fantasy. What is better
an adventure of a lifetime or twenty cents off of Scott paper towels?