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Monday, January 12, 2009

Funny t-shirts: Join soge club

As some of you may not know a few days ago we redesigned our funny t-shirt shop Our site is now more organized, cleaner, has more shirts, and is able to leap buildings in a single bound. We would love everyone who reads the blog to sign up to soge club on the home page by leaving your email, answering a few questions, and confirming your subscription in your email. Soge club will very rarely be used for updates on new shirts and bargains. Instead you will receive special funny emails written by me, some odd or amusing t-shirts from around the web, and a toy prize. Ok maybe not a toy prize but we will throw in some prizes in there every once in a while. You can sign up directly here Also check out our about me section where Dave and I post our funny story of how the t-shirt company got started. Feel free to give us feedback and let us know how superkickassomegawesome the site is or if you think it sucks keep it to yourself. Just kidding tell us that too.

Also here are some of our latest t-shirt designs. Here is a funny social media t-shirt poking fun at twitter. For those of you that don't use twitter the @ replay crushing the bird represents when you talk to one of your twitter friends. If you have over a 1000 like me then you can get overwhelmed with @ replies or twitter will crash. Thus the bird gets crushed.

Here's our new cute kids t-shirt I color outside the lines. Its for the rebel kid or the kid that has no artistic talent such as myself.

We are also going to be making some really terrific graphic t-shirts. Here is a great skull pirate shirt.

Finally we put up a funny graphic t-shirt making fun of heads vs tails. Heads and Tails want to end their rivalry once and for all.


ssgreylord said...

i'm off to visit the new site. can hardly wait. i always walk away smiling and as you know, love my "i'm proof my mommy puts out" sweatshirts for my girls. never fail to receive a cheeky comment when they wear those out... love it!

Donna said...

Tim, I love your shop... you've really been working hard and it shows! I love "I color outside the line" for reasons I won't go into here. :) Keep up the good work!


I just signed up and love the site. I really want to put your ad on my site so other people can enjoy your hysterical shirts. Love your sense of humor!

Momo Fali said...

Oh, you just KNOW I have to get that shirt for my son. Time for me to officially make my first purchase from your site.

funny t shirts said...

your site is awesome and when ever i am perching t shirt then definitely from your site.