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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back to the couch

Summer sure is a great time of the year. The beach is nice, school is out, and the weather is nice and toasty. Oh wait most of us are adults and we still have to work during the summer. Screw summer and three cheers for fall. Especially three cheers for fall TV. I love to read but I usually only read when there is nothing good on TV and since summer TV is as entertaining as turtles mating, I read more books than a do nothing grad student. Tonight one of my favorite shows It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns to the air on FX at 10 pm. If you haven't seen it its the Seinfeld of the red bull drinking caffeine abusing generation. The show is outrageous and follows the antics of three bar owners, a bartender, and Danny Devito who plays the father of two of the characters. Political correctness does not exist in their world and the characters backstab each other to the point where the Desperate Housewives look like good people.

I'm a sucker for comedies and now my couch is going to have a giant lazy dent in it as I enjoy How I met your Mother, 30 Rock, South Park etc. If television rots the brain then how me explain this stoopid. TV is one of America's great past times as well as a great way to to pass time. Apple pie, baseball, and sitting on your ass for five hours every night. This is the American way. Welcome back old friend. Welcome back.


ssgreylord said...

where on earth would you come up with turtle's mating? i love your weird and wacky mind.

Sogeshirtsguy said...

lol i think i came up with it due to my weird and wacky mind.

john b said...

I haven't seen any of those shows [except South Park] Sounds like I'm missing out.

Eve Grey said...

I love South Park. I have decided I am going to watch more TV this fall. Less computer. How's that for a worthy goal?

julie said...

makes me think gotta love it