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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Diggnity

Cults can be a scary thing. Jim Jones, David Koresh, heavens gate, and now Digg. For those who have never been sucked into the web of social media, Digg is a site where you can share news, articles, blogs, images and nerd enthusiasm . Their are no editors at digg and the stories with the most diggs or votes make the front page. Having an article hit the front page can lead to tens of thousands of hits. The competition on digg is fierce like trying to be a Chinese Olympic gymnast. Everyone wants to be a power digger for either popularity or financial gain. You can even bury or down vote a story to prevent a competitors story from making the front page. Its like Boiler Room cutthroat stock exchange antics except the combatants are in their underwear in the comfort of their own basement. Recently some small time diggers have been on a witch hunt accusing the Digg elite of using scripts to auto Digg stories. The more stories the power diggers digg the stronger their profiles become. I am a member of Digg and as a member I am also outraged. Outraged that anyone gives this much of a shit about Digg. Digg is a nice website but it is just a website.

For some though Digg comes before friends, family, significant other, and significant mistress. Unlike regular zombies who are temporarily satisfied by eating a delicious brain digg zombies must continue to digg to build their profiles and friends list so that they can be popular. How do I know this? I was a digg zombie and still am sometimes. The other thing I find comical about digg is that in the comments of an article digg users tend to be negative, petty, and whiny little bitches. Some of these guys I swear have a nice generic insult of the day calendar that they bust out. A sad, angry man on digg might make a great painting especially if you could capture the frustration as they punch away at the keyboard. In summary digg is a cool site as long as you keep your diggnity.


J. C. said...

I could never dig out how does Dig actually digs it. Most of the front page ones are mediocre in best case. Something fishy is there for sure.

GetSmartGal said...

Hi my name is GetSmartGal and I am a Diggaholic

"combatants are in their underwear in the comfort of their own basement"

I'll have you know that I am in my underwear in the living room not the basement:-)

Digg is definitely addictive...I see the cult similarities. Thank you man for coming in and getting me out! ;)

Regretful Morning said...

<3 digg - ban the haters!

Regretful Morning said...

[13:19] getsmartgal: ok that was not a nice comment
[13:19] jason_z_28: what
[13:20] jason_z_28: I said ban the haters
[13:20] getsmartgal: yeah that makes it seem like you do not like the post

Tim you know I'm not referring to you right? Women...

ssgreylord said...

i've always thought digg was a world of its own. never could quite figure it out... thanks for exposing the truth :), buncha sharks, huh?

john b said...

Hey Tim, great Digg synopsis. Right on target, couldn't have said it better myself. I get really frustrated with the aholes that spew negative comments and try to bury stories. Get a life! BTW, want me to submit this one? JK :)

Sandy C. said...

I'm a member, but I'm a bit technically challenged to figure it all out. I had no idea there was a Diggnation out there!


I was a member of the digg cult and had to get out. I was spending way too much time digging and had to go cold turkey. Love the combatants in their basements. You can always make something simple funny.

Eve Grey said...

I like the way you work it (no diggity)
I got to bag it up

~a little Dr. Dre for y'all...