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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Party Economics

As everyone know times are tough. Gas prices are kicking our ass, homes are foreclosing, and the stock market looks pretty iffy. Another thing that has died is the house party. Lets take a look at this hypothetical conversation between Doug and Raj taking place at the local 99 cent store.

Doug: Hey Raj. Dude I'm having a kick ass party Friday night you down?

Raj: Yeah man where at?

Doug: My place bro... at my parents house. You know, tough times, tough times.

Raj: Oh ok. Is there going to be alcohol?

Doug: Naw can't afford it man. Tap water is free though.

Raj: (disappointed) K. Any ladies coming?

Doug: Yeah some of my sisters friends. We're not allowed too many people at the house.

Raj: Isn't your sister 17?

Doug: Yeah but she's got one friend who is 19.

Raj: Is she cute?

Doug: She might be in the dark.

Raj: Ok well I don't think I can make it. Your house is like ten miles away and I got to save gas.

Doug: I hear you dude. Hey before you go can you drop me off at the bus station?

Raj: You got fifty cents for gas?

Doug: Almost...

Raj: Sorry man, see you around.


ssgreylord said...

Ouch. Poor Doug...


I don't know how you do it but you always have me laughing! So true and so sad how the economy can affect even a house party. Brilliant!

Don said...

God, this sounds about like stuff I hear almost weekly. Nice!

Momo Fali said...

Did you rip this off from Clerks? You should be a screenwriter.

Kimmylyn said...


I do miss a good house party though.. hahaha

PS.. I have a little award for you on my little blog.. :)

Eve Grey said...

doood, that's rough.

j.c. said...

Hey man, I enjoyed this, lol. It reminded me of the Black Adder - with Rowan Atkinson. Cheers.

Sandy C. said...

Oh man! Why is this not in a skit on SNL?

I swear I overheard this conversation at the Dollar store last week. Honest!

LceeL said...

Doug is a loser, Doug is a loser, Nyah, nyah, nah, nyah,nyah.