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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Juice boosts

juice boosts- Jamba juice or any juice store has many fantastic boosts that you can add to your drink to make life better. From energy boosts, memory boosts, and protein boosts there are so many things that can give you an extra kick. That being said as Mr. Burns from the Simpson states "I'd trade it all for a little bit more." Here are my ideas for boosts that Jamba Juice and other juice companies haven't thought of yet.

pms remover- Not just for ladies either as their is such a thing as male pms. Those crabby moods got to go. Boost it.

the secret of life- Give me the secret of life boost please. Is it inner peace, unlimited friends, being Hue Hefner? Should be a tasty boost with a mango madness juice.

ego debooster- Sometimes we might have too big of an ego. I need something that will bring me down to a nice even keel so I can quietly think I'm better than you. Just kidding friends!

good timing- The good timing boost would be huge. You get that promotion just when you're jerk boss gets fired so you take his job. You get that sweet parking spot at the mall or sporting event and your dog decides to do his business in the back yard instead of on your walks. One berry smoothie with good timing please.

the right thing to say- whether its to your significant other when he/she is mad, or a pickup line at the bar. Its nice to use a witty comeback or ace a promising job interview by using language as your friend. The right thing to say boost would be huge.

time traveling- This one is self explanatory. Get to work Jamba juice. In fact if anyone has time travel capabilities go to the future so we can get the time travel boost in our juice.

Economic- We definitely need a green tea delight with an economic boost cause we certainly aren't getting it from the government or wall street. It might be the only green you see for awhile lol lol lol sigh.


Christy said...

I think I'd want the secret to life boost...UNLESS the secret to life is actually being Hugh that case I don't want to know as it won't do me much good!

ssgreylord said...

how funny are you?!! i'd like all of the above please at one time or another. but the one that most made me laugh was the pms booster. god, how we women all could use that. but love, too, that you acknowledge the male pms that so many guys are oblivious to...

Pand0ra Wilde said...

I'd want the "unexpected cash boost".

Then again, who doesn't?


Great! Funny, and I laughed and smiled throughout! I absolutely need the pms boost, the right timing boost and would not mind the time travel boost. I wish they were real.

David Tamayo said...

I love them all. The PMS booster? not so much. Shouldn't it be called the PMS Lessseeerrrreerrr? I can agree with pandOra Wilde, something along the line of "personal wealth booster" would definitely be welcome. =0)

LceeL said...

Oh God, do I ever need that 'Right Thing to Say' boost.

Bridget @ said...

I'll take a guy that regularly partakes of the secret of life, ego debooster, good timing,& right thing to say boosters!

Ha, ha good stuff Tim!

Bubbles said...

Wow Such Fantastic Boosters.
Where can I get them?
My favourite is the Secret of life and the good timing boosters. (Can't leave home without them)
How about a Look Sexy booster - I am sick and tired of all these diets and exercise!

myktoronto said...

My favorite ego-debooster is 5 oz of prune juice, a whole mango, a handfull of hot chillies and a sampling what ever salmonella ridden crop escaped the notice of the fda this week...shaken; not stirred and served warm while wearing a pair of "Attends" and hightop rubber boots. After which a short jog down a very public street should result in the desired effect.

Cool topic Tim (as always)!

Huckdoll said...

Being a stay at home mom of two year old twins, I would love to see a sanity boost and a temper deboost.

But then again, there is always alcohol.

Blog by Donna said...

Soooo funny! I would like the economic juice and I know a couple of people that I'd like to give the ego debooster to. :)

Chelle said...

Those are all good ideas! If only life were that easy! Definitely could use a few of those!