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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First impressions based on shoes

Some women make their first impressions of a new guy that they meet based on what type of shoes they wear. I used to wear shoes with no laces that zipped up, imagine how much i can please you ladies. Lets try some immediate judgments. Loafers equals rich while vans mean a skater surfer guy. What do clogs say about a man? He's either dutch or retarded I would guess. I don't know ladies judge away. What if you don't even wear shoes? Poor right? Got to be poor, but maybe he doesn't want to be branded and labeled and he's doing it all for show. Incorrect! A dude with no shoes is in fact a poor mofo.

One type of shoes that turn women off throughout time is the sandal. Even when the sandal was invented in roman times women detested the sandal. The sandal appalled the fashion sense of women so much that they wouldn't have sex with the men so the fellas had to resort to banging each other rather than give up the freedom of the sandal. One of my biggest mistakes of my youth occurred about five years ago when I decided to rock sandals at the club for a young ladies birthday who I had a crush on. I guess I thought I was "the Dude" from the big Lebowski. Needless to say between my clumsy white boy dance moves and open toed footwear my night did not go as I planned. I will give myself some credit though for stealthily sneaking in my piece of crap sandals ninja style into the club. So remember ladies try to look at more than our shoes before you judge us, but if you catch us wearing clogs, no shoes at all or sandals judge away cause those dudes probably are douchebags. I know I was.


WebWenchGinger said...

Sandals on dudes is just wrong. Clogs are even worse... I prefer biker boots or cowboy boots on guys. Real men don't wear sandals OR clogs. ;)

Sogeshirtsguy said...

lol believe me I never wore sandals again after that except at the beach.

bbcbcc said...

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