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Friday, March 28, 2008

State of the world

I want to preface this blog that although I don’t agree with what our government has been doing I still support every single troop in the military. Ok time to rant. Going to Iraq and "liberating" the Iraqi people is like sticking your head into a hive full of yellow jackets, slicing the queen bee in half, and yelling you are free now. Not expecting consequences in a very secular country who already hated our guts was beyond laughable. Trying to force democracy on a country with a different religion is like trying to have sex with your lover without kissing or any foreplay. Its a bad idea and likely to piss the other person or country off. Oh you bet Iraq is going to see other people, and those other people is pretty much the rest of the world. This country used to have allies upon allies and now we can’t even get countries to break bread with us at a five star restaurant even if we pick up the tab.

I feel terrible for whoever the next president is. I think all three candidates would be huge improvements in their own way, but I have no idea how they are going to handle the war. McCain wants to stay, and although I would love to bring our boys home as fast as possible he might be right cause if they leave their will be a very uncivil war. The middle east made a mess and we tried to clean it up with gravy, kerosene, and some matches. What a surprise, we slipped into the mess and then it blew up. Obama and Hillary’s plans of taking the boys out now may improve the countries morale and get our country to focus on us. In case no one has noticed the dollar is falling like Mary Catherine Gallagher used to in those old SNL sketches. Whoever is the next president is going to feel like they are the parents of octuplet banshees because they are not going to be getting a lot of sleep with the mess that has been created.



Very funny! Entertaining!

dadaism said...

a very interesting post. btw, thanks for the add and the nice comment.

have a nice day everyday.


myktoronto said...

Good topic as usual! Bees and wasps on the mind. "W" is almost history and so is his boss Dick Chaney. If only they could have arranged a hunting trip while Georgie was still a Governor.