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Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost please get found.... or canceled!

Just like Oceanic 815 was blown apart and crashed into the ocean the show Lost has taken a similar nosedive this time with no survivors. The show used to have characters that I cared about and mystery upon mystery that I was excited to unravel. Now Lost has stumbled into the maddening arena of character addition chucking new worthless and pointless characters onto the screen while robbing the original characters such as Kate, Jack, and Locke of the personalities that made them interesting. The mysteries that used to seem fascinating to me seem tedious and some of the mysteries that are being solved are done so with poor writing or lame tie ups. Interesting characters like Mr. Eko, Charlie, and Libby have died while boring characters like Claire, Hurley, and Sun remain. To be fair to Claire, Hurley, and Sun they used to be interesting but the writers have given them nothing to do sans child raising, fear of death over having a baby, and saying Dude a lot. Also for how much they walk on that island.. Hurley should be skinny.. cause no fat man, can live on a desert island and keep Mens' big and Tall stores in business. How a dude manages to gain weight on a desert island truly is Lost's greatest mystery and please no more shirtless cannonballs.

Last episode they bring back murderer Michael who is Ben's spy on the boat. Surely a main character will die or at least Michael will kill some guys on the boat like he is told. Nope instead the bomb he plants and tries to detonate has a not yet message attached to it like i am watching Wild E Coyote on Loony tunes. Lost promised in the episode that someone would die. Of course it was two awful side characters that were not really part of the main cast at all. The show reminds me of a caterpillar that turned into a butterfly as the show in the first two seasons was pretty great. But the last one and a half seasons that butterfly has decided to clip off its wings and turn into something much uglier than a caterpillar, Lost has turned into a cockroach.


J. C. said...

great post thanks for sharing

Kimba The White Lioness said...

I agree! I really enjoyed the first two seasons, and anticipated eagerly the start of the third. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed both last season as well as this one thus far.

You can't even follow the storylines anymore. It's too confusing.

I think the writer's had too long a vacation during the writer's strike (so much so that they forgot where they were going with them!) and what they were supposed to be doing... either that, or too many drugs muddling the brains! - Because I truly am... LOST this season!

myktoronto said...

Oh man that's a great review! I've never even seen one second of that show and it doesn't matter! What you have is the makings of a great spoof! Your deconstruction of the characters, plot and production is likely more interesting than the show ever was.

There has to be a great t-shirt that can come from this! Be inspired!

Jennifer said...

I totally disagree. I think Lost is better than ever this year. The flash forwards, Oceanic 6, mysteries of why and how some got off the Island and some didn't and the question of who is still alive in the future have made Lost more intriguing than ever. I admit that the first half of season 3 was not up to Lost's usual quality, but except for that short time, Lost is one of the best television shows on the air.