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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Christopher Columbus drops off the world

I am now 27 years old. 15 years ago Christopher Columbus was a god revered by American history books as the man that discovered the Americas. A true adventurer and a man that changed history, for where would be without good old Chris Columbus? Now fast forward 15 years later and no one gets a day off for Columbus day because Columbus didn't truly discover America, and to some the only thing he discovered was western diseases and rape. Yes thats right, Columbus now in the eyes of many is a murdering, disease carrying, torturing, rapist. Thats like combining Hitler, Charles Manson, and a pigeon's bad qualities and throwing them together in a stew of evil.

I have no idea what Columbus was really like, so please if there are any Columbus fans I'm just repeating what I've heard. Don't steer your Nina, Pintas, and Santa Marias at me just because I'm much too lazy to research. Things can always go back to the way they were. In twenty years from now Columbus may get the discovery of America attributed back to him and with an added bonus also the credit for inventing the Playstation. History is crazy like that. Why do we keep putting stuff in History books when there are differing accounts as to what happened? These are history books and not debate books. They should set up history booths with scholars at the fair right next to the fortune tellers just to see who is more accurate. To sum it up give Columbus may have been a jerk, but give him back his hero status cause we could all use another day off.



Good points!All of them. A real history lesson-but I like the day off idea too!

myktoronto said...

Damn man! Everybody knows Playstation was invented by Leonardo da Vinci's retarded brother Steve and smuggled to America via the Canadian border by the Pilgrims. Columbus is XBox!

History's an ego trip.I bet if they got rid of history altogether there'd be little reason for war.