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Friday, March 21, 2008

March Madness = March badness

The only thing I can ever predict about the NCAA tourney is that it will cause me to not get any work done. USD and Western Kentucky pull dramatic thrilling upsets which leave me hyper, pumped, and wanting to bask in the thrill of victory rather than the thrill of site submitting. I'm like a puppy with ADD at a chew toy factory. The concentration and motivation to work just isn't going to be there.

Predicting who is going to win is like guessing the exact number of jellybeans in a package of jellybeans bought at Costco while blindfolded. Its just not going to happen. I watch a lot of college basketball and tend to get smug in making my picks. In fact two family members and a friend of mine asked me to fill out my picks. Not even half a day into the first day and my picks are all categorically wrong. Georgia my upset pick blows a ten point lead against three seed Xavier. Certainly 11 seed baylor will take out overrated purdue. Nope wrong Purdue by twenty. Surely USC and UConn will make the sweet 16 nope one and done. Thats why you don't let me do your picks family and friends. The tournament can make you feel like the elementary school kid that has to do a book report presentation and hasn't even heard of the book let alone read it.


Coach Christensen said...

My K-State pick was great for me, although I live close to Drake, so everyone around here is bummed.

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Nice pick Coach. I did nail the western kentucky upset over drake. Everything else though i was way off. Siena killing Vanderbilt and Clemson losing against Nova also busted my brackets lol.

Nyte said...

Dont look at me i know nothing about sports when i was young i played a little but was never a sports fan