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Monday, March 17, 2008

College is for parties

Always go to a party school if you are in college. Take the six year plan and don't make the same mistake I did. I decided to go to UCSD whose only parties were lan parties. Students there were either at the the library or the laboratory or as i call them the liboring and the laboringtory. Left to fend for myself in a non social wasteland I decided to form a gang. The gang consisted of a nerdy asian guy named MSG-dawg, an unsmooth Indian guy named Touchable because he liked to yell out to the female engineering students that he was so Touchable, and me. Those guys gave me the nickname the sadistic statistic cause I was one bad ass math major dork.

Our gang roamed the mean streets of La Jolla where we helped old ladies cross the street and prevented many a frappachino jacking as that is about as criminal as UCSD gets. MSG-Dawg, Touchable, and I decided to go to a frat party where MSG dawg couldn't withstand his excitement. He was like dude that girl is topless and I was like huh MSG-dawg you are crazy and he was like "yeah man she's laptopless. I've never seen a girl here that isn't studying or on her laptop" After that I realized man I'm not in the upper echelon of smart kids here at UCSD why am I even here. I should have studied etch a sketch, keg stands, and beer pong at SDSU. Instead of finishing in 4 long boring years I could have finished in 6 fun years making memories that I won't remember due to the alcohol.
So remember kids stay in school... as long as you can!


Shine said...

Pretty cool stuff in your shop keep the good work, your blog about leprechaunds...very funny :)

Nyte said...

lol some gang you had there but hey least ya had some fun

Kimba The White Lioness said...

Ha! You're a riot! I totally loved this!

I gotta admit, because two of my kids are in college (sophomore and freshman) I was originally thinking... oh boy, here we go... let's see what these kids nowadays are REALLY doing in college - of course, I'm well aware of the "partying" factor, but I was a bit nervous as I began to read.

I must say that I was greatly pleased and literally laughing loudly by the end of the blog!

You were a PHONY gangsta, I see! Too good to be bad!

Thanks for the giggles!

SOGE Shirts said...

My gang of "Wrong color hat Mat", "captain Obvious" and "yours truly, captain poopie pants and his brown sidekick" can kick your gangs ass!!

Very good play here Sogeshirts guy.
Keep up the genuine giggles.

Sogeshirtsguy said...

No way Touchable would destroy both you captains and one hat mat with one awkward gesture. Plus you never underestimate msg dawg. You just don't.

BillyWarhol said...

Yeah Skool really is all about the drinkin' + drunken debauchery*

Girls Gone Wild whatta concept*