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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mastering Internet technology

The internet is tough man. There's always some new piece of technology to learn and you got to keep up with the times. I first heard about widgets about a month ago and I was like wtf is a widget. I figured it was a midget that was a witch or something. Then RSS feeds started popping up everywhere like orange gophers. Everyone knew how to set their feed up but me. The RSS stood for Real shitty setup cause I was awful at setting it up. Its all about html code and the public school system did not make computer science mandatory. Score one for the nerds again. Eventually through good old feedburner I learned the art of the rss feed setup.

Also I understand ping pong but if you take the pong away you get ping which is another internet term I haven't mastered. Pingback sounds like a chiropractic condition and yet I must find out all of its secrets. I'm sure by the time I finish writing this blog widgets and rss feeds will be irrelevant and I will have to learn more new, innovative, and frustrating forms of technology. If you stumble upon this delicious blog I hope you dig its content and will be glad that you read it.


myktoronto said...

It's great knowing someone is as digitally retarded as I am!

This is a really good blog Tim! Sick writing and funny like you promised!

I subscribed; so now I have to buy the shirt! lol

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Haha digitally retarded is an understatement Mike. Its a day by day process. I setup an rss feed one day and the next tie my shoes but somehow I persevere through the adversity. Haha thanks for the compliments man.

Sue said...

Hey Tim, I know what you mean it took me a week to figure out the RSS thing. Hey BTW what about subscribe in an email? lol. p.s. I "Dugg" it.

Sue said...

Never mind I see you did figure out subscribe in an email. Good for you! Your a better man then me! lol

Nyte said...

well myself i dont try to keep up anymore i got bored with it and i steped down to the simple side of things i know html and dhtml ive built alot of websites and have many programs but like anything else i got bored with it now ill just stick to blogging lol you are quite funny tim i like reading your blogs

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Sue yeah the subscribe to email was a lucky catch of mine and honestly I don't even remember how I set that up. Nyte I hear ya keeping it simple is the way to go. Glad you think the blog is funny. Now all I got to do is keep it up.


BillyWarhol said...

Gotta love Widgets*

U might like EntreCard very popular for getting yer Ad out to other Blogs + Bloggers*


+ yeah i found the RSS thingy to be confusing as all heck too - it ain't explained very swell*

Sogeshirtsguy said...

haha good stuff billy. Yeah i got to check out entrecard.

Krissy said...

Everyone has trouble with RSS/Ping/Widgets and even blogging in general when you're first starting out. If you stick with it and really learn to understand it (Google really is a good resource for defining things) I think you'll do just fine.

I managed to pick up on everything right away but I've been dealing with any and everything web design for the past 10 years, so I grew up with it to easier understand it.

Stick with it, you'll be fine.

Anna said...

You are funny, lol. When I entered blogging, oh boy I learn lots of new stuff, and it is fun. Anna :)

Huckdoll said...

Dude, I just set up my feedburner and button because of you. I need serious lessons in all that other crap. After my head stops hurting, that is.