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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its a small crap world

Having been to Disneyland yesterday I can say that is still remains the wondrous utopia that it has ever been. Adults act like children and children act like super children with their little Mickey Mouse ears. You can't even get an alcoholic beverage in the park. Donald Duck must have taken all the beer in the park for himself. How else does it explain him getting so angry over every little hijinks that his nephews, Mickey, or his girlfriend Daisy Duck pull. Dude should have gone to AA and I think Goofy might have the same problem because that sound he made was not natural.

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Another thing I noticed was that the Its a small world ride was broken. Of course they are going to say they had repairs to make but I say it symbolizes that Disney realizes the world is a small small world brought together by war and economic greed. Here are my updated song lyrics for small world and no I'm not that down on the world, but safe to say I think it could improve.

Its a world of greed, a world of tears
its a world of insanity, a world of fear
theres not a lot that we share
and its time we're aware
the world sucks ass

its a crap world after all
its a crap world after all
its a crap world after all
its a crap crap world

There is just one moon and a golden sun
so lets ruin it for everyone
Though the religions divide
and the leaders are blind
its a crap crap world

Repeat chorus


Bridget said...

OMG….you do not disappoint and now I have a new song to keep in my head when a niece or nephew drags me to that park! Since I just did the gluttony post I shouldn’t say this but the no alcohol thing drives me crazy!

Thanks for the twitter on the post and I am the first to respond-love it!

Whimspiration said...

Found you on the BuzZ. Your blog and your shirts rock!

(though I wonder why you have a time-wasting captcha on your blog before I can comment *chuckle*)


J. C. said...

Soge you never fail to make me laugh even with this post, keep up the god work.

Bader Jundi said...

nice amazing crappy good ass poem lol


Are you sure your not an award winning songwriter too? Funny as usual.

Red said...

LOL I will never see Disney the same way again..very funny.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Mr Lady said...

You have issues, my friend. :)

ssgreylord said...

You are flippin' hilarious. Sounds like you have a rather loyal following. I can see why. Count me in as another!

Shaxx said...

LOL!!! Love this!

myktoronto said...

Word has it that Donald and Goofy were jail cell bum-chums. I guess the mutual addiction comes from the enabling codependency in their sordid albeit long term relationship. They are a very animated couple indeed!

Damn musical family you come from; now if you can just get Ryan to record it.

Hilarious dude.... Cheers!

BillyWarhol said...

But Minnie is F'in Goofy!!


Old Joke guess ya had to be there*

I like dat Cute lil Ditty ya coined*


So True* ;)) Peace*

Huckdoll said...

I read somewhere that just this year was the first time male employees of Disney were allowed to have a bit of facial hair. Forget the alcohol bit guy.

Disneyland is whack!

That said, I totally can't wait to take my kids, you are so right about the adults being kids part. I remember going to Disneyland when I was 20 and my friends and I ran, yes ran, to the gates from the parking lot.

Cactus Ryan said...

They have Karl Strauss on tap in CA adventure. They have a wine in disneyland. Also they had a big wine/ beer taster event for most of last month. Take that Soge. You just weren't searching hard enough. Now you can get minymouse drunk and take advantage of Goofy.

Real World Mom said...

I think that's the most honest review of a Disney park that I've ever read! LOL!

OMYWORD! said...

I read somewhere, I think on the LA Times blog (, that the Small World ride is being redone, and not the way that any of us will like it. They're ditching the rainforest and replacing it with some stupid Americana display. Then they're corporate branding it by sticking all the Disney characters in there. Former imagineers have a "save the rainforest" campaign going on here:

Your song will fit the new theme egggzactly.