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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Astrology and me

Astrology has always fascinated me. The concept that the time of year that you are born can determine your personality traits and destiny seems so unbelievable to me. Despite my beliefs I have given astrology a chance and subscribed to a daily astrology email list. Apparently as a Sagittarius I am a fun loving, outgoing badass. Yes i am. Whats scary is that 40 percent of the time my astrology emails are pretty accurate especially when it comes to goals that I have or relationships I have with people. Of course even when I get that email giving me my horoscope for the upcoming day I completely ignore it. I am who controls my destiny or at least I would really like to think that.

Imagine though if you decided that your astrological forecast was always spot on and you decided to live your life based on its predictions. Like tomorrow it says that I have been caught up with my ego and that I should back off a bit and kiss everyones Hindquarters, while holding Venus in retrograde, and to tell them that I appreciate them. They even recommend that I take a friend out to lunch. Because my horoscope is always right I'm going to stop praising myself even though I deserve it and drop 50 dollars on a friend for lunch. Since the stars failed to Astrologisized a value meal in there somewhere and although I have achieved inner nirvana and kept my ego in check, I am now out 50 dollars. I know my friends, they don't like McDonald's.

What if my horoscope tells me that I'm going to have a bad day? Well dang I'm going to stay in bed all day because if i'm having a bad day its for the best that others aren't around. Since I am a Sagittarius I can be a bit of a jerk and there is nothing I can do to change that. I love making excuses. Astrology might be the best excuse ever. Take that free will.


Nyte said...

lol im not to much on astroligy myself but i do know people who live by it and its truly amazing how one thing like that can affect peoples lives ive always said just live life one day at a time and be yourself i wont let stars or planets or anything else for the matter rule my life im not always in complete controll of my self but im insane and being insane i cant always controll myself lol

myktoronto said...

My name is Mike and I am an astrology addict. There I've said it! I've confessed just like Sidney Omar said I would in this mornings paper.

It's such a comfort to know that there are others out there like me. I hate MacDonalds too dammit and if the star signs said I was to take my friends there for lunch I'd cross reference that with my biodex and see if the numerology coincided with my afternoon tea leaves.

I'm an Aries; so what if my moon's in Cleveland. I can't help it!