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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jumping through hoops

ts pretty disgraceful what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are doing for votes these days. Appearing in a video at the WWE wrestling event crossed the line. What won't these two do to get votes. To earn my vote they are going to have to pull out all the stops. I want Obama to be dressed as a court jester serving me carbombs while Hillary dons some janitorial garb and cleans my whole house. Make a commitment candidates. I want Hillary to juggle while she sings the Italian opera of her choice while Obama reinstates my google adsense account while giving me a nice shoe shining.

Also both of you must buy me the new grand theft auto game while giving me ten million dollars each and I know you have the money. I mean come on you'll do it you guys have already put yourselves out there appearing on talk shows, colleges, and carnivals, You really should have made it out to comic con you could have dressed up as Spiderman, Harry Potter, or Chewbacca giving you a legion of nerd voters. Hillary you especially would love comic con you wear so many costumes. Your a southern belle in the south, a tough east coaster out east, and a laid back spanish speaking westerner out west. You can be anything at comic con, just make sure you don't put on 1000 costumes at once or no one will know who you are. Meanwhile as you clowns try to be everything to everyone McCain's costume hasn't changed he is an old war hero and thats it.


john b said...

The whole political system makes me sick. What won't a politician do for a vote? While the world is falling apart around us we get to watch the soap opera that is our election process. OR some of us do. Those not completely entranced by American Idol or the latest Britney Pantie-Gate. I must go now and stick my head back in the sand.

the story of jessica said...

Yes the WWE was just too far of a stretch, I mean come on, does anyone still watch that crap? They should put the canidates on American Idol that show gets like millions of votes a night, and we can't even get 33% of the population out to vote for president. Blah

myktoronto said...

I can't gloat being a Canadian Our choices up here for leaders is just as abysmal. At least you guys have some colorful characters to satirize.

Obama and Hilary are running their campaigns like there's no Republican party out there watching them undermine their own and the Democratic party's credibility.

Don't they realize that America doesn't want another moron in the White House?

Huckdoll said...

Haha, you make American politics slightly less annoying!

Sue said...

Except McCain was also on that Wrestling bit too!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

hahaha Sue you are right McCain was on there too. I was waiting for someone to point that out cause I heard that yesterday. Yes he is just as ridiculous as the rest. I used to care about politics but the last two shams of elections really turned me off.

earthlingorgeous said...

Oh yuck! Did Obama and Hillary really went to WWE to campaign? wow that's so yuck... what they do to get votes eh?

Good luck in your election there. Politics is a real dirty game anywhere in the world.