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Friday, April 11, 2008

Three flies up

Remember the game three flies up when you were a kid? Basically a bunch of kids try to catch a flying object, usually a baseball or football being hurled in the air while mutilating each other until one prevails with three catches and wins. At my elementary school one of the teachers assistants Bill would award someone a free subway lunch if they could catch three footballs. Of course a herd of starving ravenous ten to twelve year olds would gather in the battlefield. We would go after that football like it was the holy grail and fountain of youth put together.

Subway compared to our apple and peanut butter sandwich bag lunches and our quality school lunch meals was a five star delicacy. Oh there was blood. Alas three flies up should be changed to three inches taller, as the majority of the time my giant friend Mark would earn the grand subway sandwich of truth by being five inches taller than the next kid. If he didn't win another tall kid would. I won as many free subway lunches as San Diego sports teams have won titles. Unfortunately for me that number is zero as I am a big padres, Chargers, and lunch fan. So here is my advice to short kids... grow and you may win a subway some day.


Tammie said...

We played a variation of this game, but never with food prizes (come to think of it, there were NO prizes!). Of course, since our school "yard" was covered in gravel, that could be why....

myktoronto said...

I was always second or third tallest kid and that was even more frustrating; so close; so very close! Subway though: we never had a prize like that. Wow! I'd have clotheslined the tall kid for Subway!

Your teams though; I guess it's like payback for living in such a great place. The Padres and Chargers I can understand; they balance out the great weather and geography. What I can't figure out is what the people of San Diego ever did that was horrible enough to deserve Ryan Leaf?!

Go Steelers!

Cactus Ryan said...

Haha I loved this one. That game is even worse when you play it with your older brothers. They whoop your ass because they can to win the game