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Monday, April 21, 2008

Mr. Potatohead vs. Plastic Surgery

I feel sorry for Mr. Potatohead. We have no use for him in society anymore because of plastic surgery. Anybody can change a body part now a days so you aren't special Mr. Potatohead no matter how many weird places on your body I can place your ear. For some plastic surgery can improve their personal self esteem but I ask what if it doesn't improve your confidence? Losing 5000 rebuilding my nose and then feeling the exact same way would be a double hit to my self esteem and to my wallet. (No I'm not thinking of plastic surgery, my nose is fantastic)

Celebrities are the biggest utilizers of plastic surgery. Imagine the new celebrity mr. potatoe head with Carrot tops hair, Joan rivers lips, eugene levy's bushy eyebrows, Jay Leno's chin and Cameron Diaz's smile. I added Cameron Diaz just so i could say "that hideous mutant has a gorgeous smile" Still though there has to be a place for Mr. Potatohead somewhere. Maybe he can evolve with the times. Like there can be Mr. Potatoheads that start off black and end up white. The Michael Jackson Potatohead except that kids are allowed to play with it. Also you could have a Mr. Potatohead that has a sex change operation and has his little potato tucked so that he becomes a fabulous Mrs. Potatohead. He can discover a whole new world of Spudding. Thank you plastic surgery with all your ideas Mr. Potatohead will be around forever!


myktoronto said...

"The Michael Jackson Potatohead except that kids are allowed to play with it". Haha how great is that! Fantastic line. I'd sure love to mash that tater. A sex change potato head would would certainly show the broad spectrum of a-peel that the common spud inspires (okay so shoot me for the pun).

Great to have your funny blog back Tim!


What a great comparison! I like the transgender potato head. My previous dentist was a man and then became a woman. Funny post as usual.

Huckdoll said...

Poor Mr. Potatohead is the bottom of the barrel toy now, when he used to be so cool. Seriously, those poor potatos are always in the discount bins around these parts.

Dude, you should do a post about the cool toys we used to have as kids. You'd rock that.