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Friday, April 4, 2008

They can't all be winners

Usually I can write something funny or at least mildly entertaining at the drop of a hat but not today, cause they can't all be winners. Sometimes I will write a blog and it will suck such as right now and thats ok. I'll get up off the mat and fight back and maybe will be funny tomorrow. It's that no good writers block and right now instead of blocking I would describe it as writers thief, cause it has stolen my ability to write.

I have the energy of a beached manatee today and if that was an awful metaphor I apologize cause I couldn't think of anything better to write. People who are so consistently good at anything I really admire. It is so hard to be at your best each and every day due to a plethora of outside factors that may distract someone. Look a new verizon commercial with that creepy silent mime guy with the glasses. Dang now i can't write. I hope the network doesn't allow him to follow anyone into their showers. Oh sorry I got distracted and wrote something stupid. Curse you writers thief. They can't all be winners.


Randy said...

Just for fun, you can stick a " Breathable Adhesion" on T-shirt than put a real one(Already Disturbed) on it. Now you can "Use" it when you dressed it. Isn't good idea?

Sue said...

Hi Tim,
That's funny that you are saying that now, because I'm kinda having writers block too. Sometimes you can get on a great roll and have tons of ideas, and other times you can't think of a damn thing!

Kimba The White Lioness said...

I'm not an authority on writing by any means, but I've noticed that when I WANT to write something - I never can.

When I decide that I'm NOT going to write for a bit (for one reason or another) suddenly, my fingers are flying on the keyboard with mass production of this document or that, this blog or that, this letter or that - WHATEVER!

So... try it my way!

Say to yourself (and mean it!): "I'm too busy to write anything today. I have a life after all! I'm going outside to play!"

Sure enough, as soon as you get out there, your brain will be jumping and you'll run back inside to write!



myktoronto said...

Um... I hate to tell you this but that was actually funny. You have failed to be un-talented; even for a day! A famous satirical writer, Fran Leibowitz once wrote "the hardest thing about writing; is not writing". My experience is that writers that don't experience writers-block consistently churn out garbage. The way to avoid that is to write about not writing...seems to work for you. Kudos!

That shirt is so; about me!

Snitterdog said...

I hear ya-- some days I just suck! :D...great post-- yer funny :D

AmyOops said...

what a great article. just what i needed. thanks