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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Taxes are no fun

I love how the irs tries to make taxes as confusing as possible. They are like Leonardo di Caprios character in the departed just waiting for you to make that one mistake that brings the whole crime syndicate down. The stupid IRS trolls love to jump out from under the bridge except they have riddles unlimited instead of three. I feel like I am a chicken running around with its his head cut off except that the chicken has a better idea of what to do next. Its hard enough to find the stupid business forms, let alone fill out the maze of lines that even Harry Potter couldn't get out of.

I also love how there are no real good online tips to fill out tax forms. I can see the IRS and H and R block walking down the street hand in hand giving each other simultaneous reach a rounds. As long as there is no info out there people are dependent on having H and R block do their taxes or else they mess up and the IRS audit ninjas swoop in. To solve my ranting complaints I propose that in high school they teach us how to fill out the forms properly. At least that would be one real world skill school could teach. Another solution would be communism but that has never worked ... although, with a tax form staring me in the face, right now it does look tempting jk.


myktoronto said...

Alas comrade I empathize with your plight and that of taxpaying grunts everywhere. Indeed it would seem the distended ganglia of H&R Block is woven into the corruption of governments worldwide; is there any other kind? (cue Halliburton International Anthem).

The secret to tax avoidance is, of course; wealth! Great gluttonous globs of global greed! Quite simply; taxes are not taught in school because the wealthy have no need of such tedious learning!

Blawg awn Sir Dude!

rverspirit said...

In light of the two certanties in life, death and taxes , I'm going to try and squeeze in some casual sex and a raft of turkey sandwiches with beer and maybe a trip to Bisbee Arizona cause I like the name...

Lynne said...

It really would be a waste of time to teach it in high school due to the fact that just when you think you know what to do, they change the tax code!