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Sunday, April 27, 2008

EzGreatLife blog!

The ezgreatlifeblog is another personal favorite written by my new blogging friend John. His blog is very family oriented which gives his blogs a very honest and refreshing feel to it. It is apparent how important his family is to his life. Another thing that I love about John's blog is the financial and exercise tips that John shares. He comes up with some very creative ways to save money or overlooked ways to save money. One of his best blogs that concerned both financial tips and exercise was one in which he advocates ordering water at restaurants to save money. In addition to saving cash, which he goes into detail how you can invest it and make a nice profit on the savings, there are the added health benefits of substituting water for soda or alcoholic beverages. The ezgreatlife blog also showcases Johns love of barbecuing and cooking and he also adds a nice sense of humor to his lighter blogs.


myktoronto said...

Oh man! I love reading blogs by people like John. He seems so normal and a good family guy. I'm a complete freak compared to someone like that; but I like to know they're around.

The cooking I could relate to. I'd eat at his place any day.

Robin said...

I enjoyed reading your review on EZGreatLife. John has an excellent blog & I like his interesting posts. I hope other people find his blog. He has great information to share with the world. :-)

BillyWarhol said...

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