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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blog review: Stay at home Mom blog

Every Thursday the Sogeshirts presents blog will do a blog review from our friends around the internet. All we ask is for an honest review of our t-shirt site Our first blog The Stay at home mom blog combines interesting stories of family life, useful daily life tips, and good old fashioned humor. It really has something for everyone. From great recipes such as blackberry coffee cake to her die hard love and passion for the red sox the author gives a great insight into her daily life and makes her readers feel like they are part of the family. Every Wednesday is wordless Wednesday in which pictures of family life are shown in which it is easy to see that family comes first. A particular favorite post of mine is the post in which Sue's daughter thanks the troops for fighting for our freedom in a letter she sends them.

Another thing I love about the blog is the author is not afraid to express her opinions. She felt that teachers should not go on strike cause it only hurts the kids. If you love a blog that has heart, humor, strong opinions, family values, and always has something new go to and check out the stay at home blog. When you find out how fantastic it is make sure to subscribe to it.



Thanks for doing the review! I will check her site out.

myktoronto said...

Hey! That was nice. It's great to know there's still people like he in the world. Thanks