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Friday, May 9, 2008

Final Text!

The use of text messaging has to come with its own unique set of rules and one of those rules is the final text. Final text is the text that you send out after a string of text messages that were for the most part important or entertaining but now you got to move on and do something else or your driving or something. You must execute a final text or else the texting could last for days and you’ll wake up in a guatamala prison for not being able to pay your cell phone bill (unless you have unlimited texting). Now final texts are difficult and they have a different set of rules depending whether the texts are two males texting, opposite sex texting, or two females texting.

First lets get to males. For guys the best way to execute a final text is to text the word cool. Thus you acknowledge the other texter and that the conversation was cool. They really have no way to send another text unless they are not cool cause the word cool defines brevity. For a female who is getting a large amount of texts for a male the best final text is the tried and true “I got to wash my hair” or “my mom just called” instant final text. For a male getting a large amount of texts from a female the best final text is the smiley face. Its polite and you can’t really get mad about it ladies if you get the smiley face. For female to female texting the best final text is…. oh there is none. You can text each other for days and you know it. I’m kidding, I don’t really know what the final text is for female to females since I’m a dude but I’m sure you ladies have some so let me know what they are.


Kimba The White Lioness said...

Ha! I'll have to pay closer attention to my Twitter's now, as that's the only place I ever get texts from males.

"Cool", you say?! Got it. That'll be my 'brush-off' hint for future! LOL
But remember - you've let the cat out of the bag now, Tim. So if you end a Twit to me with "cool", I know you really mean:

For god's sake woman, hurry it up! I'm outta here already!

I don't know what women do to end a text... I guess we just sort of fade away... sometimes if I'm in a hurry, I actually use the smiley face, myself! Oops! Guess my secret's out, too.

Bridget said...

I am not sure about the smiley face thing, no offense but if a guy ever smiley faced me...I don't know I just wouldn't like it.

I find that one word answers usually end a text, cool is good, funny, ditto, nice, or just a LOL.

Simple and done

ssgreylord said...

Okay, here's my list:

See ya babe
U r the best!
Luv ya
Gotta fly, honey
TTFN (NOT that I would ever use that one. Ugh.)
Talk 2 ya soon
Caio (how do you spell this 2nd one I would never use?)
Later babe
(notice you need to use these honeys and babes to downplay your goodbye, plus it sounds kinda cool)

Actually I hate this part, because it's not like you're trying to have the last word all the time, but if you don't cut it off, we chicks can text forever!

Uh, did I reveal too many of our "secrets"?

ssgreylord said...

Oops, forgot a couple more:

take care beeotch
bye for now girl

2 more important endearments that you use if you're hip.

Good luck figuring us out...


I don't text. My friends all try with me but I can't get the hang of it. I can barely the phone out. I love this post!

OMYWORD! said...

98 years ago, when I lived in England, I had a British gal pal who couldn't end the phone conversation. I'd say, "OK, then, I'll talk to you tomorrow." and she'd say, "OK, bye bye!" and I'd say, "Bye!" and I expected to hang up. But as I was moving the receiver towards the phone, she'd say, "Bye-bye!" and so, I'd say, "Bye!" again. And she'd say "Bye-bye!"

Awkwaaard! I think I would end up just laughing and saying, "Ok!" and hanging up, always feeling impolite.

I guess things don't change, even with newfangled technology.

Thanks for finding my blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the T-shirts. My beau and I have been laughing out loud for the last half hour. I want to be your Paris distributer!

Stanley said...

HAHA! so true, I always end my text with "cool", great blog!
I have a humor blog too.
keep up the good posts!

Cactus Ryan said...

from guys to guys. The final text is usually "K" or nothing at all. Guys are lazy. When I think about it, the best way for a guy to end a text conversation with a girl is by saying 4sure. It's like when they call you on the phone and you pop in an "uh huh" between the pauses. Agreeing with them, even though you are not listening, or reading, is a safe bet.

David said...

Ha, this is a very funny post, but so true! I don't text much, but on the phone this happens so much!


David Webb - Nature Pictures

john b said...

I don't text much. I recently got a crackberry at work and find it too cumbersome to answer on that thing. I run for my PC!

Starlet said...

I always have to sign off with some love...'xxx' usually does the trick :)

myktoronto said...

Just the thought of text messaging has my 'nads crawling back where they came from.

I don't text much either but I suck at getting people off the phone. Ryan has it right...uh; really? 4sure...sounds like 90% of my phone conversations. Even though I know all I have to do is start talking about myself and suddenly they have to get off the line.