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Friday, June 13, 2008

America's kids are soft

I was getting my haircut today and a ten year old adjacent to me was also getting a hair cut as well. Needless to say he was sneering more than Billy Idol having to do a performance in front of a retirement community. The lady cutting his hair had to tell him to not jump out of his chair. When she asked him if he wanted a lollipop he shouted no and stormed away like a gung ho civil war reenactment participant. I wouldn't have been surprised if she had yanked the hair spray bottle top off with her molars, and tossed it overhead at the kid like it was live and had 2 seconds until detonation. Now I could blame the softness and whiny attitudes on the parents but that is too easy. No I blame television. These kids growing up young in the last ten years have been exposed to Barney, The wiggles, Spongebob, Blues Clues, and bananas that giggle together and never wear business suits (aka Bananas in Pajamas). My generation grew up on bugs bunny and Tom and jerry. From them you learned sharing, caring, scheming and whooping ass in addition to learning how not to catch a road runner.

We better hope that this war in Iraq doesn't last a 100 years cause we are going to get our ass kicked. The next generation is going to bring nerf guns to a gun fight. Influenced by television the kids will try to stop the violence by performing a peachy keen dance number from High School Musical. I think its great to keep children as innocent as long as you can but they got to have some toughness too. Being in the real world sometimes is the equivalent of being a ninety year old boxer with arthritis fighting Jet Li. You're going to get knocked on your ass sometimes and you have to learn to deal with it.

Update: My M. Night Shyamalan theory has been proven correct. His movies do get worse and worse 20 percent rating on rotten tomatoes. Heres a quote from
"Shyamalan's such an eager recycler, grinding out the same ideas and images again and again. The man who showed such promise less than a decade ago has been leaving a diminishing creative footprint ever since."


Bridget said...

You are younger but don't forget GI Joe, Transformers, I could be a General!! Ha ha

And you had to do it didn't you-bring up the M Night thing, had to retort? Well like I said before He is for the discerning movie connoisseur, not the mainstream chattel out there! :D Still got your back M Night..that's right who's your girl!!!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Ha i watched all of those too. Transformers and GI joe especially. M Night is working on his next movie. He wants it to be the first movie to get a negative percentage rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Looks like a box office success will not be a Happening.

Bridget said...

lmao, no you didn't!! Well I will tell you what I (underline the I)think after I see the movie bucko..

Sogeshirtsguy said...

You waste your ten bucks the best way you see fit. Seriously I hope its good.

LceeL said...

You're right. A feminine and effeminate mindset has invaded our schools and technology has captured the minds of our young. So our boys are being raised soft and gay.


You are right and I love your comparisons. I always liked the pink panther. He could get pretty wild.

David Tamayo said...

I was going to retort in defiance with...BUT WE HAVE THE UFC!!!...Then I remembered that there sure is a lot of hugging and kissing after every fight. >=0)> Of course it wouldn't have something to do with the breakdown of the family unit thereby increasing the number of single parent homes predominantly absent a responsible father figure thus culminating in the furtherance of the liberal agenda...Nah, It's Barney...definitely Barney. (Oh, I love you Bridget but I got Tim's back on the whole NightmareAmashyman thing.)=0)

Karen Van Staeyen said...

You have made a very significant observation. How would you advice Mom's and Dad's struggling with authority issues? Do you have any ideas on what we could do to prepare our offspring for real life? Don't forget we have had 40 years of Disney (and Co) Media domination. Where would we find role models for our children? Where can we find these really strong women and determined gentlemen? This is a very important issue for people to think about. Thank you for writing this post!

Regina said...

Interesting post! I somewhat agree, but I would go a step further and throw in technology. Todays world is over run with soft, whiny, OBESE children.
Years ago as a child we "played" outside until the sun went down. Tag, hide & seek, kickball, stick ball, mother-may-I, red rover etc. We had imagination, we invented news to play outside daily! We watched tv, but it was about 2 hours just enough time for moms to make breakfast get us washed & dressed and then we hit the streets in droves! We were fit, energetic, wild and HEALTHY!!
Today's children surf the net, IM, ps1, 2 & 3, watch countless hours of senseless tv, have mp3,iphones, etc.
It's no wonder they are so sick all the time, obese and whiny!!

about M. Knight... Sixth sense was by far his best, the Village is his worst. I saw The Happening last night and it was Ok if you realized what it really was about... and I wont spoil it for anyone!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Hi Karen to be serious for a bit I don't see too many role models out there for young kids. There aren't really any musicians or athletes that stand out. Probably the best athlete for a role model is LaDainian Tomlinson the running back for the Chargers. He is a moral, stand up, make no excuses type of guy. Parents have to teach their kids emotional toughness themselves and yeah get out and play more. Regina you are also correct kids need to get more active and cut themselves off from the internet and scrap and play fight. David UFC is pretty hard core haha maybe a little too far on the other side of the spectrum. Still fun to watch though.

Manic Mom said...

I like you Sogeshirtguy! I'll be back, I just need to run off and iron my cape!

Tenakim said...

I agree with lceel- soft and gay- just cuz I think that sounds funny!

Regretful Morning said...

I hate todays kids. I see them get away with murder. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time a kid got spanked for being a snot nose brat.

Nerf guns is giving them way too much credit. Try a truck load of hippies with accustic guitars singing Koom-bay-yah said...

How ironic a post for me to pop over and read after writing about my soon to be 11 year old. LOL

Regardless, tough mom, right here. I make sure my son minds his p's and q's where it counts and other wise let him be a kid. When he's at home with us if he's a little bit of a punk, I can deal with that, but the minute he steps out of line with other people and with friends and at school, we've got issues.

I take away the things he loves most as punishment which seems to work out pretty well, he can beg all he wants and plead all he wants but there's no bending here. He already knows that if he gets in trouble with the cops, mom and dad ain't helpin. We watch cops a lot and while it's funny, it's a real life example of bad choices people make, it's a learning experience for kids if you know how to use it.

The real trick is that you have to know your kid, spend time with them, play with them watch what they watch, listen to the music they like and try to remember what it was like when you were a kid, that's a good start to knowing how to properly raise them - you have to know what they need. They make it very obvious if you know what you're looking for.

It's such a disservice to kids that we've become the kind of people that enroll our kids in so many activities that a coach knows a kid better than the parents. I should save the soapbox for my site huh, lol.

Great post!

ssgreylord said...

remember when we were young the boys played with army guys. they were tough. those are our boys over in iraq. but today the boys cry when they get hit by a baseball in little league. i agree they need to stop whining and start living.

Eve Grey said...

I came to my senses about this in the past couple of weeks. I have always sheltered my kids but suddenly realized they need to be exposed to some of the more unpleasant aspects of life too or they'll be too soft & not able to defend themselves.
I saw The Happening yesterday. I really liked it actually.

Bridget said...

I really like that Eve Grey!! :)

MoonDog said...

I grew up in the 60's and 70's, eventually played college football and enlisted in the military.

I did two tours of duty in the Persian Gulf and everyone I served with were generally like-minded.

My nephew just turned 17, protected and coddled by his mother (my sister) and his grandmother (my mother) throughout his young life.

One day not too long ago he popped off at me and I proceeded to pound him like I would a grown man.

Now every time he sees me the first and last words out of his mouth are "sir."

Many may disagree, but I promise you once you let the kid know who the boss is, they will fall in line - or else.

Just my two cents.

neutron said...

David Tamayo is bang on. Family people! I guess tv doesn't help.