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Monday, June 2, 2008

Star Wars vs Star Trek

As a nerd I understand how and why people can be passionate about many things. What I don't understand is when one fanatical nerd group thinks they are better than another fanatical nerd group. Case in point Star Wars fans vs. Star Trek fans. Star Wars fans think that Star Wars is the Filet Mignon of Science fiction and that Star Trek is a turd sandwich served with a side of fecal fries. Darth Vader pwns (nerd lingo for owns) Captain Kirk, Obi one super pwns Spock, and C3PO bitchily slaps Captain Picard. News flash nerds those that wear costumes, are of a greasy composition, and live in their parents basements should not be bashing those that wear costumes, are of a greasy composition, and live in their parents basements. Stop nerd on nerd crime.

Someday I have a dream where all intergalactic space based nerd theme show fans can come together and share some awkward costumes and Zimas. Star Wars fans with Star Trek fans and Battlestar Gallactica fans etc. Maybe even some will fall in love and have a whole mess of costumed babies who will be ostracized and beaten up by the non costumed children of public schools. Until this magnificent dream of nerd unity occurs I will use the force and live long and prosper.


BusyDad said...

I'm into the 80's miniseries "V" and the companion spin off show that followed it. I even bought the books. And they never hold conventions for me. Star Trek folks don't even waste their breath making fun of me. That's gotta be the lowest rung in the SciFi nerd foodchain.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Very nice post. And if you really want to get esoteric, try the splinter groups....Like Star Trek: TOS (the original series) vs. Star Trek: TNG (the next generation). Talk about some heated debates! Don't even bother with DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise.


Have an awesome night!

Sue said...

I like The Star Wars movies better. Star Trek The Next Generation was good. But I hate all the Star Trek movies. For one thing I can't stand William Shatner, that guy gives me the creeps - lol.

Jessi said...

Personally I like them both. They both have their highlights and their low points. Then again I'm an oddity since I'm a chick nerd. This is just like the whole Marvel vs DC comic debate.

Can't we all just get a long and co to conventions like Dragon Con and watch the half nekkid chicks?

Bridget said...

Ok this is so out of my league you will have comments coming in from all corners of the nerd-galaxy! I will say that I like them both, old & new on both.

Except for the crazy offshoots that came out in the Trekkie world, after next generation it should have been enough, seriously how many crazy ass ways can you depict the Star Trek theme? Move on to Stargate already....:)

ssgreylord said...

Are you guys speaking Japanese? I never watched either. What does that make me?

Oh, I'm lying. I did kinda have a crush on Captain Picard. Hmm. Come to think of it I had a crush on that guy who played Chewbacca's friend (Harrison Ford) Can't remember his name.

But I guess that makes it an even split for me. As you can see, my critique of these shows is very complex...


My mother and husband love both those shows so I was forced to watch them (along with planet of the apes marathons). They were okay but there are only so many Star trek, Star Wars and Planet of the apes you can be forced to watch until you are done with the whole lot of them. Another brilliant post.

myktoronto said...

That is such a great topic!

Last year I went to a Halloween costume thing. It was a kids team fund-raiser.

I did the total geek thing with the pocket protector and the pants up under the arms, white shoes and belt, round pop bottle bottom glasses and on my shirt I made a cardboard and tinfoil star trek insignia pin.

I'm outside having a smoke and the DJ walks up to me glaring and asks " WTF does that mean?" so I said "it's a star trek thing" He flipped! He was insulted that I should think trekkies were geeky! I almost pissed my pants I was laughing so hard.

Oh ya my fav scifi flick?: Flesh Gordon. Does that make me a "Fleshie?"

nepspeed82 said...

I love Star Wars, especially Darth Vader. Before, I used to watch Star Trek but except for their movies, the series are super boring and I get sleepy most of the time. I don't watch Battle Star Galactica though.

But above everything else, I believe Son Gokou (Dragonball), and Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto) can beat the crap out of all the Star Wars and Star Trek characters combined. Naruto forever!!!

Ricardo said...

I must admit that I've been sucked in by Galactica and will have a hard time letting go when the show ends.

That being said, I have seen discussion forums where Trek fans debated Star Wars fans on which fleet would win in a battle. The Empires fleet of star destroyers or Starfleets ships. My, did the nerd boogers fly.

Sandy C. said...


Just last week there was a heated debate in my living room over which Star Trek series was better.

I'm with you.

Stop. the. madness.

Momo Fali said...

Sigh...we can HOPE for a perfect world, but I just don't see it happening. Star Wars rules.

LceeL said...

It's up to those of us who see value in all three venues to bring the disparate groups together and encourage them to get along together - or they can all take timeout in the corner.

Manager Mom said...

mmm...turd fries. Can I have a milkshitshake with that order?

Faith said...

I'm a HUGE Stars Wars fan-- Short of the costumes. Proof: When Revenge of the Sith came out, my friend Katie and I would beg our fathers to take us to Burger King after church just so we could get the collectable toys. Anyhoo, I said that to say that my mom is a HUGE Star Trek fan- she really,really wanted to be Captain Kirks daughter and she had a crush on Mr. Sulu. She actually cried when she found out he was gay.

neutron said...

I think you're on to something. This would make an awesome movie or documentary.

David Tamayo said...

Well having reached nerd nirvana myself, I am enjoying this petty debate amongst the lower echelons of the legions of sci-fi devotees and wannabe devotees. We all know that BUCK ROGERS ruled the small screen with an iron fist with the help of his little robotic "tattoo" yelling d'plane boss d'plane. =)

Huckdoll said...

"Stop nerd on nerd crime" Ha.

Thanks for getting me learned on the pwned/pwn thing. Up until now I though ppl typing that in comments we're just hitting the wrong button.

Now I know they're just nerds and I should stay far away ;)

Christy said...

I don't get either one of those shows (but that's just me)...can't they all just get along?!