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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Get Smart Blog

One of my favorite blogs out there has to be the Get Smart blog by my blogging buddy Bridget (three b's in a row yeah i went there). I can't really pinpoint how i'd describe it but in the words of Bridget " I have techie posts, girly posts, random posts, and even frustrated posts there are some people who read all of them, and then those that gravitate to what suits their particular tastes." You really never know what you are going to get whenever Bridget posts it could be a very helpful new tool in technology that will help you be more efficient on the internet like her post on or it could be an entertaining rant.

Bridget makes it obvious that her blog is a business blog trying to help promote her consulting company which is a site that aims to help take women in business to the next level. Although I am not a woman (checks down pants nope all dude) I decided to subscribe to her free newsletter because I was so impressed with the professionalism and the sample articles on the site. Besides all the great tech reviews, and the consulting advice, I find myself drawn to her blog because she says whats on her mind. If she's pissed or frustrated she lets her readers know and if she is in a good mood then her blog is going to be funny and witty. She also participated in the seven sins posts in which she gave her thoughts on every sin. The entertaining sins were quite amusing like envy and gluttony. So check out the getsmartgal blog if you want some good old tech reviews and social commentary.

Here are some other blogs I enjoy

Huckdoll's Hood - Not the typical mom blog huckdoll is funny and shares stories of her past.

regretful morning - blog full of entertaining regret stories full of drunken debauchery and funny things that people regret doing. Not for the faint of heart but it makes me laugh every time.

My life as it was, is, and will be-
A very spiritual blog. Very well written and leaves me more at peace with the world after I read it.

security for idiots
- This blog takes on all kind of issues and makes the argument with very sound reasoning. David who writes it should be an ambassador.

health nut wannabee mom blog- Great health tips always. Foods that help you lose weight, look younger, etc.

Ezgreatlife- Blog with great finance tips, family stories, and health tips from an All american dad


Regretful Morning said...

I love Bridgets blog! Especially the entries that involve "lust".

Sheer determination and persistance on my end will eventually cause those "getSmart" panties to drop :)

Huckdoll said...

Thanks for the shout-out Tim!

David Tamayo said...

Ah our dear friend Bridget. Her blog is everything that you say it is. I Really enjoy the glimpses into her psyche. The variety is fantastic. An interesting fact is, it is for these same reasons that I really enjoy the time I spend here at your site. Thanks also for your support my friend, I really appreciate all that you do. Take care. =0)


Great post on Bridget's blog by you one of my favorite bloggers! Bridget always entertains me as well as gives sound advice so I am glad you reviewed her blog. She is clever and funny all at once (kind of like you) and I never know what to expect but I leave her blog always feeling like I have gained insight or knowledge. I will check out a couple of the other blogs you mentioned that I don't generally visit. Great post!

Bridget said...

Tim this was very nice of you thanks!

Jason- you assume I wear panties..OMG she didn't just go there!! jk all in good fun!

David and Heidi are the best aren't they, and I love all of the other blogs you posted as well!!

Eve Grey said...

I'll check out the health nut one as I'm a bit of one meself. A vitamin addict anyway...

john b said...

I love Bridget's blog! BTW, thanks for the link love.

ssgreylord said...

Bridget's blog is always entertaining even when she talks over my head with the tech stuff. She's the best. As are the other blogs you referred to. Thanks for the mention. You're the best!!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Thanks for the recommendations; I'll check them out!