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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Second most interesting man in the world

He once committed hari kari and is dead now

The color purple frightens him so he ordered a hit on barney the dinosaur

He only urinates when it rains

He was an oompa loompa in the willy wonka movies before he hit a growth spurt

He voted for Bush twice the second time while drinking kerosene

He thinks that the Olsen twins would not make great paperweights

He yells at his many girlfriends that they need to supersize it and then he throws a giant bag of french fries at them

He originally canceled family guy until people started whining. If he cancels it again he would be a national hero.

He never talks with his mouth full unless he has something really important to say

He once beat Bill Gates at Jeapardy no just kidding he beat him with a cane

Unlike the most interesting man in the world he does drink beer often

Hes drunk right now and passed out in your side yard

He has won the world tetherball championship ten years over and the prizes didn't even pay for beer money.

Cuban hookers know him by the name No dinero.

He plays tonsil hockey but there is no kissing involved only hockey sticks.

Canada knows of him and fears him

He joined the big brother foundation for the tax write off


Regretful Morning said...

Does he drink dos equis?

Bridget said...

Regretful how the hell did you beat me to the first comment don't you have a JOB? :D

The 2nd most interesting guy sounds like a cross between Mini-me, Larry the cable guy, & Mark Messier....can I get his number!! Lol

Eve Grey said...

I very often drink beer and when I do I get plastered.
No need to stay thirsty my friends.

Regretful Morning said...

Bridget, I'm a cyber warrior. I was on the phone, checking my email, eating, and posting this comment all at the same time.

Women can't multitask like men :)

Sogeshirtsguy said...

Maybe i'll do a getsmartgal and regretfulmorning blog review at the same time. Then you can talk to each other in my comments all you want. ha jk whens the wedding you two?

Regretful Morning said...

She won't even let me take her out :( I told her I will pay for dinner, drinks, and last a whole 6 minutes in the sack (if it gets that far). She wasn't intrigued but I won't give up!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

You just got to tell her it would be the best six minutes of her life and if not that it would only be six minutes. Or she could take the free drinks and bail as soon as she has to "use the restroom"

Red said...

Okay today's comments are almost as good as the

HMBT said...

OMG! Faints, wakes up spews good wine on the monitor, then laughed so hard I almost peed myself. You rock.

Bridget said...

lmao - funny guys aren't you....
6 minutes huh, I would be a great multi-tasker with that kinda action. Now I see why you are so eager to get the drinks in there!! lol jk

That bathroom thing not a bad idea there Soges!

ssgreylord said...

Tetherball, huh? Very sexy... Just like the hot comments flying back and forth between the three of you (hmm, the three of you, that wasn't intentional or anything).

David Tamayo said...

Six minutes, multi-tasking cyber warriors,weddings, blog reviews, restrooms,and peeing on oneself...Post?...What post? =)


wow! I am glad I got here when I did so I could see all the fun interaction. Never a dull moment here at sogeshirts. I used to play tetherball until the wee hours. What happened to tetherball? It was hot in the 70's. You always keep me on my toes, always!! Thank goodness I can live vicariously through your blog and now comments.

LceeL said...

He sounds just like the guy my sister-in-law divorced. Which I thank him for. 'Cause she is HAWT. And if my wife ever finds out I think about her in those terms, I will be hot - as in 'cooked'.

Sandy C. said...

Whoa...Sounds like a mix of many of my Ex boyfriends. In fact, I'm sure they're all drunk and passed out in a yard somewhere right now.

myktoronto said...

Wow! When did you get to know our Prime Minister that well?

Thinks are getting pretty frisky around here! da "blogman" Tim!

MoonDog said...

I saw where you visited my site and I wanted to check you out. It would seem you have a unique sense of humor and I dig that!

I'll join your MyBlogLog community and pay you a visit from time to time.


~Static~ said...

Hmm, Verne Troyer, Danny Devito or Robin Williams? 'Cause it sure the hell isn't Yoda.